Detransitioner Laura Becker Exposes the Dark Truth Behind Transgender ‘Transitioning’ of Children in Texas Senate Hearing

Detransitioner Laura Becker tells Texas state lawmakers about her story as a child who was encourage to transition to the opposite sex. Credit: Chloe Cole/Twitter

The debate over transgender ideology continues as states consider legislation barring various institutions from promoting transgenderism to minor children. The conversation has intensified over concerns about schools pushing concepts related to gender theory in K-12 classrooms. When it was revealed that many school districts are helping children “transition” to the opposite sex without the knowledge or consent of their parents, people began pushing legislators to address the matter.


Another element of this equation has been the increased emergence of detransitioners, those who previously “transitioned” to the opposite sex and then later decided to reverse the process. These folks, many of whom were “transitioned” as children, have been quite vociferous in highlighting the dangers of this ideology and their voices are reaching more people across the nation.

Detransitioner Laura Becker recently shared her testimony at the Texas State Capitol, revealing that she received breast removal surgery and was prescribed testosterone at the age of 20, after a gender clinic diagnosed her with gender dysphoria during just one appointment.

Becker stated that she had informed the clinic that she was suicidal, and despite exhibiting symptoms of trauma, being autistic, and being only 20 years old, her psychiatrist decided she was suffering from gender dysphoria and convinced her to undergo the procedures according to the standards of care set by the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH).

Becker later realized that her desire to transition was linked to childhood trauma, and she has since undergone deprogramming and deconstruction of her “transition.”

“At 19 I went to a gender clinic and told them I was suicidal, and they prescribed me 200 milligrams of testosterone for free in a one-hour appointment. I injected 200 milligrams every week as a 5-foot-2 female with already elevated testosterone and hormonal imbalances,” Becker told lawmakers.


“My mental health severely degenerated and I entered an impulsive and reckless state of consciousness,” the detransitioner continued. “My undiagnosed childhood trauma was triggered and I felt desperate to transition. I went to several different therapists who told me that I was valid in my trans identity. My psychiatrist diagnosed me with gender dysphoria in one appointment despite being suicidal, autistic, exhibiting symptoms of trauma and being only 20 years old, she said that according to the WPATH standards of care I was stable enough to consent to having my breasts removed.”

Becker added:

I removed my breasts entirely and I thought it would relieve at least some of my complexes and stress, but it only escalated, and at 22 I was finally diagnosed with PTSD. I started to awaken and realize that I had been in a survival state for all this time and the desire to transition was due to childhood trauma, and the illusionary magical thinking of the gender transition fantasy that I had developed to help survive had hurt me in the long run.


Currently, Texas’ Senate is considering Bill 14, which would ban physicians from providing cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers to minors with gender dysphoria, and would also withdraw public funds from healthcare facilities offering sex change treatments. If passed, the law would prohibit physicians from providing transition-related treatments, such as puberty blockers and hormone therapies, to transgender minors, according to the Texas Tribune.

The bill, supported by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and advanced by the Senate State Affairs Committee in a party-line vote, also seeks to prohibit therapies that are recommended by major medical groups for children with gender dysphoria.

What is truly unfortunate about situations like Becker’s is that progressives have convinced the nation to believe that there are only few people who regret having “transitioned” to the opposite sex. The issue is that we do not yet have enough credible data to prove this. Moreover, there is evidence that many of those who go through this process as minor children end up suffering from additional mental issues caused by the use of puberty blockers and surgical treatments.

Regrettably, since this ideology is being pushed – and even enforced – so aggressively by the hard left, it means there will be plenty of people like Becker in the coming years. The silver lining is that more of them might be willing to speak the truth about this movement to trans children. Perhaps then, there will be more of a backlash against this movement. The question is: How many more girls and boys will be victimized before this happens?

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