Breaking the Silence: Why Women Must Speak out Against Biological Males in Women's Spaces

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Instagram influencer and model Bri Teresi has announced that she is ending her relationship with Honey Birdette, a lingerie company, after it featured a “non-binary” man, Jake DuPree, in an advertisement. Honey Birdette, which has previously used the tagline “By women, For women,” recently joined in on the trend of featuring biological males in advertisements for women’s clothing.

DuPree, who identifies as non-binary, expressed the importance of visibility and inclusivity for trans and gender non-conforming individuals on Instagram, stating that they deserve to be recognized, respected, and valued. However, Teresi expressed her disappointment with the company’s decision in the comments section of Honey Birdette’s Instagram post, which has since been disabled, stating that she was “sad to see you guys jumping on the woke bandwagon!”

Teresi later confirmed to Outkick that she has indeed cut ties with the company, stating that the only way to combat what she perceives as “nonsense and propaganda” is to not support businesses that do not align with her values. She criticized the decision to feature DuPree, stating that it robbed an actual woman of an opportunity and labeled it as “pure misogyny.” Teresi further emphasized the need to support businesses that align with one’s values and highlighted the notion of going “woke” leading to going “broke.”

The inclusion of a non-binary individual in a women’s lingerie advertisement has sparked debate and controversy, with Teresi’s decision to sever ties with Honey Birdette highlighting the differing opinions and values surrounding gender identity and representation in the fashion industry.

This is the latest high-profile example of a woman standing up to the progressive effort to force biological males into women’s spaces. Amid a nationwide debate over whether men who identify as transgender should be allowed to compete in women’s sports, there appears to be more biological women who are willing to take a stand against this movement.

Riley Gaines, a top NCAA swimmer, has been more outspoken about the issue after having to compete with Lia Thomas, a transgender male athlete who has racked up multiple victories competing against biological females. Doing so has earned her the enmity of the authoritarian left, which seeks to coerce the rest of the nation into accepting their twisted views on gender theory.

These people have become so upset with Gaines’ statements that some transgender activists physically assaulted her after she gave a speech at San Francisco State University. The college issued a milquetoast statement about the incident that downplayed the severity of the situation.

The issue of biological males occupying women’s spaces, such as restrooms, changing rooms, and advertisements for women’s clothing, has become a contentious topic in recent years. The invasion of women’s spaces by biological males can erode the safety and privacy of women. Women’s restrooms and changing rooms have traditionally been designated as private spaces for women to attend to their personal needs without fear of harassment or intrusion.

However, allowing biological males, regardless of their gender identity, to access these spaces can create discomfort and anxiety for women who may feel vulnerable and exposed. It is essential for women to speak out and advocate for the preservation of female-only spaces to ensure their safety and well-being.

One of the reasons why the authoritarian left has been so successful at foisting their ridiculous ideas on the rest of us is because there simply are not enough women brave enough to speak out. They prey on our ignorance and ambivalence. People like Teresi, Gaines, and Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling have been willing to take the arrows in their fight for women. But there need to be more women who are willing to advocate for their rights, as this issue continues to gain more exposure.

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