Nikki Haley Promised to Enact Mandatory E-Verify if Elected - That’s Not Going to Happen

I know you probably laughed when you saw that headline. Indeed, when I first saw the report, I laughed too. But it is yet another issue showing how Republicans are not interested in representing their constituents – especially when it comes to the issue of immigration.

Nikki Haley, former Governor of South Carolina and a Republican presidential candidate, revealed on Tuesday her plans to mandate the E-Verify program on a federal level, in a bid to tackle the unlawful hiring of illegal immigrants. Speaking at two back-to-back town hall events in Dover and Salem, Haley outlined her immigration and border security platform.

“What we did in South Carolina with E-Verify was you had to verify that that person was in this country legally or else you could not hire them,” Haley said, during the events. “That’s what we put in place in South Carolina, and more importantly we enforced it. When you enforce it, one, that stops everybody from coming across the border. Two, it puts laws in place that matter. Americans need to get these jobs. We need Americans building things again. We need Americans working again. We don’t need to pay them to sit on the couch. We need to get them to work, but we have to have the jobs ready for them when we get them there.”

Haley’s plan would require all employers to use E-Verify to confirm the eligibility of their workers. She believes that by enforcing this program, the demand for undocumented workers would reduce, and legal workers would have a level playing field. Haley also stressed the importance of preventing identity theft and reducing crime, as undocumented workers are often exploited by criminal organizations.

With the presidential election campaign heating up, immigration and border security have become key issues for both parties, and Haley’s platform is one of the latest proposals in the race for the Republican nomination.

E-Verify is an internet-based system used to verify the employment eligibility of workers in the United States. The system checks the personal information of employees against data held by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA) to determine whether they are authorized to work in the United States. In recent years, there has been a lot of debate about whether the program should be mandatory for employers.

Implementing mandatory E-Verify would help to lessen illegal immigration. Currently, many employers hire undocumented workers because they are willing to work for lower wages and under more substandard conditions than legal workers. By making the program mandatory, employers would be required to check the immigration status of all employees, which would make it more difficult for undocumented workers to find employment. This would help to reduce the demand for illegal immigration, as people would be less likely to come to the United States if they knew they could not find work.

Secondly, mandatory E-Verify would also help level the playing field for employers. Currently, employers who follow the law and only hire legal workers are at a disadvantage compared to those who hire undocumented workers. This is because the latter group can pay lower wages and avoid paying taxes and other benefits to which legal workers are entitled. By making E-Verify mandatory, all employers would be required to hire legal workers, which would create a level playing field and prevent illegal employers from gaining an unfair advantage.

Thirdly, mandatory E-Verify would help to prevent identity theft. Currently, illegals often use false identities to obtain employment. This can lead to identity theft, as the identities of legal workers are used to secure employment for undocumented workers. By requiring employers to verify the identity of all employees, the program would help to prevent identity theft and protect the personal information of legal workers.

To sum it all up, mandating E-Verify would have tremendous benefits when it comes to curbing illegal immigration – which is precisely why both parties have not been too keen on the idea.

So, we all know this will never happen, right?

I mean, for starters, Haley is not going to be president. But even if she had a chance, or if the eventual nominee wanted to implement mandatory E-Verify, Republicans and Democrats would stymie the agenda.

With Democrats, the reason why is obvious. They are firmly in the open borders camp and have no desire to decrease the number of people coming into the country illegally.

On the other hand, Republicans are the true hypocrites in this equation. They get elected on promises to deal with illegal immigration, only to do almost nothing to solve the problem when they get into office. Of course, there are plenty of GOP politicians who are serious about dealing with illegal immigration and the migrant crisis.

Unfortunately, there are not enough.

The bottom line is that lawmakers claiming to be conservative have opposed strict border control measures because businesses benefit from the cheap labor. They wish to keep winning support – and campaign contributions – from the business sector, so they tell the rest of us that they will take action on the issue while secretly winking to the Chamber of Commerce crowd.

Mandatory E-Verify would be a powerful tool in stopping illegal immigration because it would remove the incentive for people to violate our laws to enter the country. If they cannot obtain employment, then it becomes better to come here in accordance with the law. Too bad we don’t have officials who actually want to enforce immigration law.

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