Let’s Face It: Republicans Do Not Want to Win

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Here’s a question: How much longer will the Republican Party enjoy our support while simultaneously spitting in our faces?

Yes, I know that was a rather harsh way to begin this article. But if you have been paying attention to politics for nearly any length of time, you know what I am saying is true. Indeed, in 2022, we are watching the same movie on the nation’s political silver screen that we have seen decade after decade. The only difference is that the actors’ wizened faces have a few more wrinkles.

The ending remains the same. Republican candidates, after yet more losses to Democrats, spend the campaign season bitching and moaning about how horrible the left is. From their lofty pedestals, they shout, “Elect us, and we will stop the Democrats from destroying the country!”

Without any real alternatives, we reach into the box of clothespins, attach them firmly to our noses, and select the Republican candidate at the ballot box, hoping that maybe they really mean it this time. It is never long before we find out they were just kidding when they said they would stop the socialist agenda and promote liberty for all Americans.

But, of course, this is assuming they even get people elected in the first place. On Tuesday evening, we saw NFL legend Herschel Walker defeated by Sen. Raphael Warnock in Georgia’s Senate elections. The Republican candidate was unable to unseat the abortion-loving Democrat despite the party’s dismal performance over the past two years.

As it turns out, nominating a clueless former athlete who felt it necessary to tell the nation he wants to be a werewolf wasn’t a winning strategy. Who would have seen that coming?

Instead, Republicans put him up to run against Warnock because former President Donald Trump made the dubious decision to endorse him when there were plenty of better candidates to vie for this Senate seat. The result? Democrats now have a 51-49 lead in the upper chamber, which will make it much easier for President Joe Biden to appoint activist judges to key positions in the judiciary.

But when I say Republicans don’t want to win, I’m not only talking about winning elections. I’m also referring to what they do when they do manage to win a race. When they get control of the government, they do very little to enact legislation that would weaken the state and make it less intrusive in the lives of ordinary Americans.

I wrote about this two years ago, almost to the day. Here I am writing about it again. If you’re anything like me, you’re sick of it.

Remember that time when they had control of the White House and legislature, and they promised to “repeal and replace” Obamacare? I’m sure you recall the soaring promises they made to get rid of the program and put in place a solution that would allow the free market to drive down prices and make it easier for folks to get the insurance and healthcare they need.

We already know how that story ended: with a feckless whimper.

Another failure of the GOP lies in its inability to win over a wider swath of voters. Historically, the former Party of Lincoln has struggled to attract racial minorities, women, and younger Americans, and has not made much of an effort to reverse this trend.

But to be fair, there are indications that at least some in the party see the necessity of building a bigger tent and have made overtures to black and Latino communities, both of which voted for the GOP in slightly higher numbers than they have in prior years. However, much of this is due to growing disillusionment with the Democrats.

When it comes to leadership, the old guard still retains significant positions of influence. Ronna McDaniel will retain her position at the RNC despite her abysmal performance. The same holds true for Kevin McCarthy, who still enjoys support from Trump for some reason. Despite claiming to believe in meritocracy, it is clear the Republicans don’t believe in appointing the best person for the job.

Even further, the GOP has failed to articulate a winning message to the American public. “We’re not Democrats” is not a persuasive argument, believe it or not. In my conversation with libertarian podcaster Larry Sharpe, he made an excellent point — which I will continue shouting from the rooftops until there is change: “Democrats are the party of bad ideas and Republicans are the party of no ideas.”

What few ideas Republicans do have, they are terrible at selling.

Lastly, the GOP continues failing at learning from its mistakes. Indeed, for a  movement claiming to value personal responsibility, it is pretty quick to blame everything else for its failures. There are some who are chalking up each GOP loss to voter fraud. In some cases, this might be an apt argument – but not in most of them. The longer they pretend their losses are not their fault, the more they will keep losing.

To put it simply, the Republican Party has become the party of Business As Usual™. They see no reason to change because the party’s leaders are comfortably ensconced in their positions and are not going to give them up. They care more about maintaining their power than effecting actual change. Until Republicans are able to mount enough of a grassroots resistance to these elitists, things will remain the same. The question is: When will they decide they can’t take it anymore?


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