Why Are They so Afraid of Detransitioners?

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The detransition movement has been growing over the past few years as more people who attempted to transition to the opposite gender come to regret their decisions. Many of these individuals went through social, medical, and even surgical treatments as minor children.

But now, many are deciding to reject what they previously believed about their gender identity. This paradigm shift has been quite troubling to progressives – especially those who believe it is acceptable to push these treatments on kids. They have been trying to discredit these individuals in any way possible – but it is inevitable that their voices will be heard regardless.

The Post Millennial published a report detailing how a Pennsylvania school board rejected an offer from a resident to allow a detransitioner to share their experiences with teachers tasked with learning about then teaching about gender identity to small children.

From the report:

On October 25th Mike Winterode, with the No Left Turn in Education Pennsylvania chapter, made a statement at his local school board meeting. He said that after reading the training “while some in attendance did learn strategies for introducing gender identity to kids who still believe in Santa Claus, they didn’t really learn about gender, and what happens once we get beyond name changes and pronouns.”

He went on to describe some of the not so glamorous parts of transition. Such as how a double mastectomy takes away the ability to ever breastfeed a child, and how the use of puberty blockers can destroy the ability to orgasm as an adult. In his statement, Mr. Winterode made an offer to bring Transexual Content Creator Sara Higdon (me) and Detransitioner Chloe Cole to speak about the dangers of transitioning children; at no cost to the district.

Winterode cautioned that “the detransition community is growing and we need to listen to them, they have a lot to tell us.”

But about two-and-a-half weeks later, the school board declined the offer.

Yael Levin, Chief Data and Communications Officer with No Left Turn In Education, told The Post Millennial, “If the school district truly cared about educating and graduating critical thinkers, then why refuse bringing speakers to share their actual lived experiences with transgenderism with their students?”

Folks on the left have been working to convince the public that gender is a social construct, and that anyone can be any gender despite the sex they were born as. They argue that those experiencing gender dysphoria are suffering because they were essentially born into the wrong bodies. To address the problem, they contend that life-altering medical and surgical treatments are the most optimal solution.

However, it was when people discovered that progressives were targeting minor children with this ideology that they began to face backlash. School districts and medical facilities have been advancing this agenda for years, convincing parents to put their kids on puberty blockers and, in some cases, have them undergo surgery ostensibly to ease their symptoms by pretending they are transitioning to the opposite gender. It has become a million-dollar industry, which is why they seek to discredit detransitioners sounding the alarm on this phenomenon.

Progressives argue that those who decide to reverse their decisions are so rare that they are not worth discussing. They say the existence of these individuals should not cast doubt on the efficacy of these treatments – especially when it concerns children.

GenderGP, an advocacy group for transgender individuals, claimed “detransition is a loaded term,” and that it does not refer to an “unsatisfactory or regrettable result,” but only “refers to the small group of people who transition and then go back.”

The group noted that when “detransition is prioritized, it can lead to gender affirming-care for children and adults being withheld.”

This is what they are afraid of: Fewer kids being subject to “gender-affirming care” which involves the use of drugs designed to halt puberty. These medications tend to cause irreversible damage in children that persists even into their adult years.

Nevertheless, these people insist that these treatments are beneficial to the mental health of kids who take them. But the growing detransitioning trend is growing to the point where the country will no longer be able to ignore it. This is why progressives have resorted to various attacks against people who regret their transitions.

The Daily Mail reported:

De-transitioners, as they are known, speak of online vitriol, doxxing, harassment and death threats after they made the tough decisions to exit what they describe as inward-looking and even ‘cult-like’ trans groups.

Cat Cattinson, an outspoken detransitioner, told the news outlet that the pro-trans movement target detransitioners for “invalidating their narrative.”

“I’ve seen the level of hate really escalate to the point that any time a new de-transitioner shares their story online, they get dogpiled by thousands of trans activists, bullied, ridiculed, and of course death threats,” she explained.

“For every de-transitioner with a public platform, the new trend has been to call us liars and grifters and just try to invalidate everything we say.”

As the detransition movement continues growing, so will the attacks. The left will only become more aggressive in its efforts to minimize and discredit these individuals. They will try to punish those who dare to speak out against the movement to promote transgenderism among children.

In light of this, it is no surprise that the Pennsylvania school board denied Winterode’s offer. The last thing they want is for people to expose the darker side of this disturbing movement. The objective is to influence young minds to embrace this ideology – and they have been largely successful.

Still, it is worth noting that while those opposing this agenda are in a game of catch-up, there has been progress made. Several states like Florida and Tennessee have passed legislation barring the use of “gender-affirming care” among minors. Texas is poised to pass similar laws in its next legislative session in 2023.

Conservatives who won school board seats are already taking action to banish progressive gender ideology from the classroom. Groups like Parents Defending Education are filing lawsuits against districts that have policies enabling school staff to lie to parents about their children’s gender identity.

But I believe it is the detransition movement that will be the biggest force in moving the needle. The more these folks go public with their stories, the more people will see how dangerous the pro-trans effort has become. This is a battle we can win. But it will require more people to get off the sidelines and join the fight.


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