Virginia School Pushes Anti-Gun Propaganda in the Classroom

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Apparently, it isn’t enough for school districts to present so-called progressive ideas in the classroom regarding race, sexuality, and gender identity. Now, it appears they may be trying to influence young minds on another issue: Guns and the Second Amendment. A Virginia mother in Fairfax County sounded the clarion call in an attempt to promote anti-gun sentiment in her fifth grader’s classroom.


Darcey Geissler, a parent, told Fox News Digital about an assignment given to her child and his classmates that put forth anti-gun views. It came in the form of a teaching on persuasive writing in which students were told to analyze an anti-Second Amendment essay that argued in favor of gun control measures.

The mother, who happens to be a family law attorney, called the assignment “a poorly written, factually and legally inaccurate ‘essay,’ written by an adult parading as a child, being used to once again advance a political agenda,” according to the report.

In an email to the school’s principal, Geissler wrote:

When I was in law school, our first assignment on persuasive writing – a skill necessary to be a lawyer – was on whether or not a misspelling in a deed was sufficient to pass title. Not exactly a sexy or emotional issue. We were not handed Roe v. Wade, the 2nd Amendment, or climate change, even though we were law students with significant education and life experience.

“The reason we were not given hot-button issues when first learning to write was that in order to learn persuasive writing, it is imperative that the skill not be clouded by the issue before the skill is learned,” she added.


Part of the essay read:

Something has to be done about the fact that US gun murder rate is 19.5 times higher than the 22 most populous countries combined. Most people live in urban areas where they don’t need to hunt. Guns cause violence. There is no reason to own a gun to protect yourself.

The document also noted that “80% of people live in urban areas” and that “[t]he only purpose most of these urban living people have seen a gun used for is violence.”

Later in the essay, the author argues that “[i]f you own a gun for self defense purposes, you are doing a police man’s job” and that “police men are trained to use guns well, and are a lot more likely to capture/scare away criminals without anyone getting hurt than the average gun owner.”

Side note: What is truly sad about this article ostensibly written by a child is that it is about on par with how adult gun control advocates argue for more restrictive gun measures.

But I digress.

It seems clear this assignment is designed to condition the young reader to believe they should not possess firearms for self-defense and that they should rely on the government to keep them safe.

Geissler told Fox News Digital that the piece was “not a persuasive essay,” but another example of the effort to indoctrinate children into leftist ideology.


“I have at least one other parent who’s gone through it and ripped it apart, both factually and for the writing,” she said, also arguing that schools need to “get away from woke doctrine.”

Of course, she is not wrong. Far too many school districts across the country – even in red states – are intent on turning out a new generation of progressive activists. This is why they insist on shoving their ideology down the throats of children, teachers, and parents. So far, this is the only example of pushing gun control in the classroom that has gotten attention from the media. But it will not be surprising if we see more such stories pop up.


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