What’s Going to Happen to the Democratic Party After November?

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

It’s a little over two weeks until America will decide who wins and loses in the upcoming congressional elections. It is time for me, the Prophet Jeffiziah, to predict what will happen to the Democrats after these critical midterm races. Of course, anything could happen, but after spending what seems like an eternity on Mt. Absurdius, I believe I have received a divine revelation.

For starters, the Democrats will lose the House of Representatives. I know predicting this isn’t all that impressive, but it needed to be said anyway. But I’m going to go ahead and predict that they will take the Senate as well, which is not exactly a foregone conclusion at this point.

When I look at the political tea leaves, it seems to me that while it might be close, Democrats have done such a thorough job of mishandling every problem with which they have been presented that voters are not going to be willing to let them control both chambers of Congress. After trailing their opponents by significant margins, both Herschel Walker and Dr. Oz have managed to close the gap over the past couple of weeks.

Walker pulled off a surprisingly adequate performance during his debate with Sen. Raphael Warnock, even after he flashed a questionable badge during a question on his supposed service in law enforcement. His opponent did as well as expected, but failed to land a knockout blow against Walker. The Democrat currently leads Walker by only 2.4 percentage points in the latest RealClearPolitics average, which designated this race as a “toss up.”

The same holds true for Pennsylvania. Oz was previously trailing John Fetterman by almost ten points. But now, he is only behind by 2.4 points, with the Democrat making himself look worse during public appearances. Fetterman has recently taken heat for his incoherence while addressing the public and reporters. In comparison, Oz is looking much better despite his penchant for crudités.

But regardless of how the congressional elections pan out, what happens to the Democrats afterward?

I have a feeling that five minutes after these midterm elections are decided, we will be in the 2024 presidential season. Normally there is a bit of a lull after congressional races. But I do not expect that hiatus to last too long. I believe things will heat up as soon as the holidays have passed.

On the Republican side, it can pretty much be assumed that, barring some cataclysmic event, former President Donald Trump or Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will be the de facto nominee for the next presidential election. But on the Democratic side, the future is a bit murky, unless you’re the Prophet Jeffiziah, who knows all most things.

While the Democratic field will not materialize immediately. We probably shouldn’t expect much until President Biden admits that he’s not going to seek a second term. Then, the presidential hopefuls will come out of the woodwork. But in the end, I’m still predicting that California Gov. Gavin Newsom will secure the Democratic nomination to face Republicans in 2024. He’s not a great choice, but he’s much better than Black Hillary or Pete Buttigieg.

But regardless of who they run, Democrats will not retain the White House in 2024. As long as Republicans don’t do anything remarkably stupid while in control of Congress, they will be able to run a platypus for office and still win.

In case you haven’t figured it out already, I’m predicting a bleak future for Democrats over the next few years. Biden’s godawful performance, combined with Democrats’ failure to enact any meaningful solution to the problems Americans are concerned about, mixed with the continued focus on unpopular woke policies and the insistence on transing children, all add up to a brutal reality for the left politically.

The Democrats will have two choices: Either they realize the error of their ways and begin moving back closer to the center, or allow themselves to continue giving in to the hard left and move further toward socialism. On this, my crystal ball has not yet provided answers – either road is too far in the future for my powers to predict. But the next couple years will be crucial for the left. If they continue on the Marxist path, their political fortunes might get worse. But if they don’t, they might be able to recover from their ill fortunes over time. We will know soon enough, dear reader.


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