John Fetterman Grows More Desperate, Launches Laughable New Attack on Mehmet Oz

AP Photo/Rebecca Droke

If you’ve spent more than a few minutes observing John Fetterman’s senate campaign against Mehmet Oz, you’ve likely heard the entirety of it. Almost every single campaign stop (as infrequently as they occur) and social media post has revolved around two attacks. One, that Oz is supposedly “from New Jersey” and two, that Oz once served vegetables with ranch dressing.


I know, it’s crazy, disqualifying stuff that people should totally base their vote on. But while the repetition has worn on the populace of Pennsylvania, Fetterman has finally come up with some fresh material. You might want to sit down for this, but according to the Democrat…Oz is a Dallas Cowboys fan.

Absolutely horrifying.

This changes everything. Voters who once were going to vote for Oz, and by virtue of that, against a federal abortion ban, for a better economy, and for securing the border, have to be changing their votes after this revelation. How could they not? Clearly, what football team someone roots for is far more important than, you know, actual policy. In fact, it’s little-known fact that the US Senate isn’t for making laws but actually exists to provide a forum for fighting over what NFL team is the best.


That’s the message Fetterman is sending, right? That his entire campaign is nothing but meaningless fluff, predicated on mindless social media swipes. Can anyone tell me what Fetterman stands for? I mean, we know he loves unions because that’s an easy thing to do in the Pittsburgh area, but shouldn’t a guy running for the US Senate have a little more meat on the bone? And I’m not talking about physically because he’s got that covered.

With that said, is what Fetterman is alleging even true? His proof appears to be a blurry picture of Oz dunking a goalpost at Cowboys stadium. That’s not exactly compelling evidence given lots of people have been there, and those that get on the field often treat it as an experience. Besides, Oz says he’s an Eagles fan. Why shouldn’t he be believed? I’d think he’d know what team he cheers for.

Regardless, the broader point is just how shallow and dumb Fetterman’s campaign is. It’s clearly being run by emotionally-stunted children who spend far too much time online, believing that Twitter is real life. That Fetterman himself is not mentally well, can barely speak coherently, and refuses to give interviews or debate like a normal candidate only makes the situation worse. Do voters really want to elect someone who aligns with Bernie Sanders just because he drops social media burns?


For my money, Fetterman’s attacks make him look weak and desperate. I really think the electorate is smart enough to look past this nonsense, and while the polls show Oz at a slight deficit, I believe that in the end, sanity will prevail.


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