Stacey Abrams Is Just Making it Up As She Goes Along

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It looks like Stacey Abrams was getting into the Halloween spirit during a recent event with Oprah Winfrey. Abrams, who is running a likely-doomed campaign to oust Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, had a conversation with the media mogul about her race, which isn’t going so well at the moment.


She used the opportunity to try to gin up support by scaring the crap out of the audience. She made some rather questionable comments in an effort to terrify voters into supporting her over Kemp, who is giving her a thorough thrashing in the polls.

During the discussion, Abrams implied that Georgia residents will have no healthcare if her opponent wins.

“If we don’t elect me, we will have no health care for half a million Georgians,” she said. “Our children will continue to go to underfunded schools where transgender children have been banned from playing with their friends.”

Okay, let’s stop here for a second.

There is absolutely no indication that Georgians will lose their healthcare if Kemp is re-elected, which is why Abrams did not bother to back up her claim by explaining where she got that figure. Moreover, transgender children are not being banned from playing with friends. Even further, there are no laws, or proposed laws, that would make this a reality.

It is possible she is talking about biological boys participating in girls’ sports. But the separation of the sexes in sports has been a thing for decades and kids were not exactly traumatized by these rules, were they?

Abrams went on to claim that the Peach State “will have divisive laws that say that you have to lie to your children about their history.”


I have no idea what she is talking about here, but it is possible she is referring to laws against the teaching of ideas inspired by critical race theory (CRT). Her comments were similar to some of the deceptive talking points used by the left when they are whining about prohibiting teachers from influencing children to judge one another by their skin color. They claim this is an effort to stop the teaching of America’s history even though none of the laws mandate such a thing.

Of course, she might have just been babbling incoherently because she does not have much to say.

She also claimed that “members of the LGBTQ community will not have protection.”

“And so if you want opportunity, freedom, and the ability to control your future, you need me as governor, because Brian Kemp’s proven he doesn’t care, and he won’t help,” Abrams concluded.

Winfrey put on a stellar performance, acting as if she were horrified by the very suggestion. “It’s really frightening,” she responded.

Abrams was engaging in what I call the MSU (Make Sh*t Up) strategy. Basically, if you have nothing compelling to say – no argument that might persuade people to see things your way, you just make some stuff up. You throw whatever you can think of out into the ether and hope something catches on or resonates with your audience. Even more importantly, you never offer any explanations of facts that might back up the balderdash you concoct. You just spit it out and keep it moving.


This is typically a strategy employed by desperate politicians and their comrades in the activist media who have run out of viable tactics. It happens when they realize that just calling their opponents racists/sexists/homophobes won’t work. Since these folks don’t normally have much to run on, they have to – you guessed it – make sh*t up. Unfortunately, it’s not a very effective tactic, which is why it is used after all others are exhausted. It appears that almost two weeks before the election, Abrams has reached that point.


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