'Border Battle': The Docuseries Democrats Would Rather You Didn’t See

Turning Point USA (TPUSA) has produced an electrifying docuseries that is a must-see for those concerned about the effect of illegal immigration, and the nation’s current migrant crisis, on the United States. The production, titled “Border Battle,” highlights the myriad of issues caused by the ever-worsening situation at the southern border.


The series, which is available exclusively on SalemNow, exposes the reality that the migrant crisis has not only caused a dire situation near the border, but has effectively turned every state into a border state. This is essential, considering the fact that most seem to believe this problem affects only states like Texas and Arizona. It gives the viewer an up close and personal look at the catastrophic conditions the crisis is causing.

The series documents the horrific ways this current migrant crisis impacts every day Americans, and even those making the dangerous journey to the southern border–seeking to gain entry into the U.S., legally and illegally.. It features several current and former law enforcement officials from the DEA, Border Patrol, and other agencies. Activists and advocates also join in on the conversation to further illustrate how this issue affects Americans.

This production is intended to highlight the grave situation that has persisted at the border and beyond, due to the crisis caused by the Biden administration. It details the policies that not only enabled these circumstances but continue to exacerbate them.

The first episode gives an overview of how the border crisis has resulted in record levels of deadly fentanyl being trafficked into the United States. Law enforcement officers tasked with getting the poisonous drug off the streets sound off on how pernicious the opioid is. Given that there were over 100,000 overdose deaths last year, 60 percent of which were fentanyl-related, this has caused a devasting impact on Americans.


One of the participants in the series, a fentanyl awareness advocate, said those trafficking the opioid across the southern border are “no longer drug dealers, they are serial killers,” because they “know they are selling poison.”

The episode also tackles the issue of human trafficking, much of which victimizes people trying to gain entry into the U.S. over the southern border illegally. This has become one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative criminal enterprises worldwide. A former law enforcement official interviewed in the series recalls a conversation with a trafficker who told him: “The difference between a kilo of cocaine and a trafficked girl is that a kilo only pays you once. She’ll pay you forever.”

“Border Battle” also deals with the plight of unaccompanied minors brought to the southern border. At one point, it addresses how these children are treated – often being drugged up as they make the journey to the U.S.

These are only a few of the matters the docuseries details. At a time when immigration has become a top priority for many voters, this production is needed now more than ever. Most Americans are still unaware of the severity of the issue, and Turning Point USA is providing much-needed information to help us get a close-up look at what is happening at the border–and why it is vital that the people pressure the White House to finally take action.


I’ve written about this issue quite often over the past two years; this series more than accurately emphasizes the dark realities this problem has caused for all except the cartels, which are smuggling and trafficking people into the country, and the Democrats who use these migrants and illegals to virtue signal. If you’re at all concerned about how this situation is affecting America, this series is definitely worth a watch.


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