Kamala Harris Makes the Most Self-Unaware Remark About Gov. Greg Abbott and the Migrant Crisis

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Vice President Kamala Harris just can’t help herself. It seems that anytime she makes a public appearance in which she is not scripted, she ends up saying some of the most ridiculous schlock imaginable. But this time, it was her comments on the migrant crisis her boss started that made her look even more foolish.

Harris on Monday made an appearance on NBC’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” in which she made a variety of asinine utterances. She expressed her opinion that nobody should be thrown in cages for smoking marijuana–as if she hadn’t locked up over a thousand people for this very offense when she was California’s attorney general.

She also treated the audience to a hearty word salad when discussing climate change.

But when the conversation turned to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sending migrants and illegal immigrants to her home in Washington, D.C., Harris unironically argued that the move was “an absolute dereliction of duty.”

Why? Apparently, because “if you see a problem and if we agree that we need to address it, then, if you’re a leader, participate in a solution.”

And what solution, pray tell, did Black Hillary put forth? You guessed it – more open borders policies! She suggested “a pathway for citizenship…to fix a broken immigration system, which was broken under the previous administration.”

Sorry, Black Hillary, our immigration system was broken long before Trump ever even considered running for president.

She continued, doing the usual “Let’s Pretend We Care About Immigrants” schtick:

“I mean, we’re talking about people who have…fled great harm and they are coming here seeking refuge. And, talk about political theater, I mean, playing games with people’s lives, I mean, with their lives. I mean, there are mothers with sleeping babies getting off those buses. And I just think it’s an absolute dereliction of duty. If you see a problem and if we agree that we need to address it, then, if you’re a leader, participate in a solution, right?

When we first came into office, the first bill that we proposed was for a pathway for citizenship, was to fix a broken immigration system, which was broken under the previous administration. Participate in the solution, because we are offering solutions, but instead, this gamesmanship with real human beings who trust us.”

The notion that it is Abbott who is derelict in his duty is laughable coming from the Biden administration, which has done nothing to curb the influx of migrants and illegals coming to the southern border. Indeed, it has clearly done more to attract these folks than to repel them. The Abbott Express is intended to make Democrats feel the consequences of their avid support for the type of policies that motivate people to come to the border.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams declared a state of emergency last Friday because of the flood of migrants and illegals coming to his city, a chunk of which were bused there by the Abbott Express. Others were sent by the mayor of El Paso, Texas.

“El Paso, the city manager, the mayor, they should stop sending buses to New York,” Adams said. So far, the city has received over 17,000 migrants. And this number will continue to grow, because Abbott has already stated he would not stop busing illegals to these cities until the Biden administration starts to actually take the problem seriously and enact policies that will deter people from making the journey to the southern border.

Chicago is experiencing similar troubles, especially since the Abbott Express started sending migrants there in August. So far, he has bused over 2,500 people to the Windy City, and it is expected he will send even more.

NBC News reported:

The city has set up temporary housing in shelters and hotels and a central reception center where the bused migrants can connect with relatives and access medical and legal help and family services as part of an immediate response. The city said in a statement Friday that every individual is provided with not only shelter, food and medical care but also “in-depth case management and connections to services.”

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has promised to welcome and help situate the migrants with open arms. “The city is actively working on solutions with our county and state partners to identify temporary housing and provide services that will lead to eventual resettlement in Chicago or elsewhere,” a mayoral spokesperson said in a statement.

However, some have questioned whether these measures would be tenable in the long run.

The bottom line is that Abbott, along with Govs. Doug Ducey and Ron DeSantis, are making Democratic leaders feel the pain, because it is Harris and her boss who are derelict in their duties. Immigration is a federal matter. Abbott shouldn’t have to send the National Guard to help round up those trying to enter the country illegally. But, as always, Harris was practicing the “accuse your enemy of that which you are doing” principle. Too bad for her, they can’t gaslight the public into thinking this is the Republicans’ fault.


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