Kamala Accidentally KOs Herself and Joe Biden on 'Late Night'

Kamala Harris appeared with Seth Myers on “Late Night” on Monday night.

Yes, it’s late night and sort of alleged comedy. That’s the kind of interviews that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris like. You know that there aren’t going to be too many hard-hitting moments and they get treated with mostly kid gloves.


Myers started by overselling.

Kamala Harris is just as unpopular as Joe Biden. No one is beating down the door to have her there.

Then there were those tough, intense questions about how much she’s sacrificed and emojis.

But when she asserted “No one should have to go to jail for weed,” he never called her out for all the folks that she put in jail for weed.


Kamala got busted by Tulsi Gabbard during the presidential debate back in 2020 exactly on this point.

Harris also had one heck of a word salad about prioritizing kids. Now, we know that Democrats are always talking about kids. “It’s for the children,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi frequently intones. Yet everything they do tends to hurt the future of our children.

“When you see our kids, and I truly believe that they are our children,” Kamala declared. “They are the children of our country, of our communities, I mean, our future is really bright if we, if we prioritize them, and therefore prioritize the climate crisis…”

What a ridiculous word salad. No, Kamala, our children are our children. They don’t belong to you or the government. And if you truly prioritized them, you wouldn’t blow up the economy with inflation so that their parents have to worry about whether or not they can feed them. Democrats just use them as a talking point to push their agenda and then do everything against them.


Did Myers nail her on her failure to deal with the border? No, he asked her about Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sending illegal aliens to her doorstep in Washington, D.C. But Harris then accidentally did in Joe Biden and herself with her response.

“I just think it’s an absolute dereliction of duty,” Kamala said in the most lacking in self-awareness statement ever. “If you see a problem and if we agree that we need to address it, then if you’re a leader, participate in a solution, right? When we first came in office, the first bill that we proposed was for a pathway for citizenship. It was to fix a broken immigration system, which was broken under the last administration.”

Wait, who is committing the dereliction of duty here? You created this problem by backing off on all the protections that President Donald Trump put in place, and have done nothing about people pouring across the border since you got into office. Harris was given the specific job of doing something about the border and Biden has continued shipping people across the country in the middle of the night. But suddenly it’s the dereliction of duty of the Republican governors who have responded to the Biden/Harris failure? Who can take anything she says seriously?


Harris even went to Texas this past week but then she didn’t even go to the border. She went to a fundraiser. Priorities. She talks about them and she showed what they were to her by her actions. She’s the poster child for dereliction of duty.


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