Turns Out the Illegals Sent to Martha’s Vineyard Weren’t Deceived About Their Destination

Surprise, surprise. It turns out the activist media lied got it wrong again.

Remember when leftists, in their full-on meltdown over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis transporting illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard, shrieked about the notion that these individuals were not told where they were going?


Yeah, looks like that particular narrative wasn’t exactly in line with reality.

I told you it would be surprising, didn’t I?

The Daily Caller News Foundation reported that the illegals who were transported to the white progressive haven at Martha’s Vineyard knew exactly where they were going. In fact, they obtained the documents these individuals were given before making the trek to the island.

And, what’s more: “Yes, they were asked multiple times if they wanted to go,” a source told the news outlet, which also reported:

The packets included a map with Martha’s Vineyard marked with a red star with the label “YOU ARE HERE,” written in both English and Spanish. The packets also had documents with local resources, including the contact information for community services and churches in the area, potential employment opportunities and public assistance programs.

“They were given rolling backpacks, food, snacks throughout, clothing, necessities like toothbrush, toiletries, etc.,” the source explained. “This is what was in the packet given to every migrant.”


A photo was provided to Daily Caller News Foundation.

Map given to illegal immigrants sent to Martha’s Vineyard. CREDIT: Daily Caller News Foundation
Refugee resources document given to illegal immigrants who traveled to Martha’s Vineyard. CREDIT: Daily Caller News Foundation

Nevertheless, some of the illegals told reporters that they were not informed about their destination before getting on the planes. The Boston Globe claimed one of the illegals told the outlet that he was told he could go to Boston. Others said the same to NPR.

Rachel Self, an immigration attorney in Boston, showed reporters a map of the United States with a line connecting Texas to Massachusetts with a dot on Martha’s Vineyard, according to the Miami Herald.

So the illegal immigrants were told where they were going. It is possible they were not familiar with the geography, but the fact of the matter is that they voluntarily boarded those planes and knew where they were traveling.

But this is not the first time the activist media has attempted to convince its audience that Republican governors sending illegal aliens to blue cities were deceiving them. You might remember when the Abbott Express first expanded its operations to New York City. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and New York City Mayor Eric Adams both claimed that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was busing illegals to their cities against their will and without telling them where they were going. But, shockingly, it was a CNN reporter who exposed this lie.


CNN National Correspondent Gary Tuchman spoke with migrants who told him that none of them had been forced onto the buses and that they took the ride voluntarily. He explained that “each passenger we talked to [said] they appreciate getting the air-conditioned bus ride to what they hope is a much better road ahead.”

As this saga continues, we can expect to see more spin from the activist media, which has had difficulty in portraying this issue in a way that benefits their comrades in the Democratic Party. The question is: Will it work?


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