New Poll Shows Parents Are Not on Board With Indoctrination

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, File

Parents have spoken once again, and the message is clear: We don’t want school districts indoctrinating our children. Progressives have been on a decades-long mission to infuse their ideology into K-12 classrooms in an effort to influence young minds, which will grow into adults who will support their agenda in government and other institutions.

But now that parents became aware of this scheme during the COVID-19 pandemic, the backlash has been furious. A newly-released survey found that most parents are deeply concerned about the material being presented to their children in the classroom.

Parental rights advocacy group WPAi Intelligence conducted a survey analyzing attitudes among parents toward social media, school policies, and big tech. “The findings come amid news that schools are collecting students’ personal information and sharing it with third parties, often without parental knowledge or consent,” according to a report from parental rights advocacy group Parent’s Defending Education (PDE).

One of the study’s findings was that 83 percent of parents feel it is important for schools to provide teachings that are in line with their family values. Both Republicans (95%) and Democrats (71%) agreed with this position.

About 56 percent of parents believe it is not appropriate for school districts to give surveys to students that ask about issues pertaining to gender identity, sexual orientation, sexual activity, and racial matters. Even further, 77 percent indicated they support requiring schools to request permission from parents before administering these surveys.

When it comes to social media, the survey’s findings revealed that most parents are concerned about its impact on their children. About two-thirds believe it has a negative effect on young minds. About 85 percent expressed concern about the level of influence Big Tech exerts on their children’s lives.

But, while the poll’s findings further prove that progressives are out of touch with everyday folks, we didn’t exactly need one to show this, right? We already have the evidence.

Parents are filing lawsuits all across the country against schools over their efforts to indoctrinate children and promote transgenderism, while keeping them in the dark about what is going on with their young ones.

In Wisconsin, America First Legal is suing the Eau Claire School District over its policy of assisting kids in transitioning to the opposite sex without their parent’s knowledge. It recently conducted a training instructing teachers not to disclose this information if a child indicates they might be dealing with gender dysphoria. “Parents are not entitled to know their kids’ identities,” one of the slides read.

In 2021, parents across the country also began showing up at school board meetings to protest the material being infused into the curriculum. Despite being labeled “domestic terrorists” by a teachers union in collusion with the Justice Department, they continue to make their views known.

Even more, many individuals have run for school board seats in what just might be the beginning of conservative parents controlling more of these positions in the future. This is especially true in Florida, when a multitude of progressive school board members was ousted. Indeed, with the help of Gov. Ron DeSantis, right-leaning candidates participated in a statewide repudiation of the progressive agenda in their school system.

The momentum has not slowed down one iota.

Through using the court system and seizing political power, those who oppose the woke agenda can eventually set things right over time, as long as the fire does not stop burning. But at this point, it seems clear that Democrats made a gigantic mistake when they decided it was a good idea to mess with people’s kids. If things continue as they are now, it will be an error they will live to regret.


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