Florida Flips...DeSantis-Backed School Board Candidates Win Big, Wokeism Hardest Hit

In an incredible night for local politics, and a possible harbinger of what’s to come in local school districts across the country, Florida saw a slew of  of conservative school board candidates win races across the state.


Earlier during the Tuesday primary elections, Governor Ron DeSantis encouraged Floridians to get out and vote for the conservative candidates running for open spots across the state.

Of the 30 candidates endorsed by DeSantis, 25 won their races. A few boards had the potential to flip from liberal to conservative, and flip they did. Sarasota County flipped their school board from a 3-2 liberal majority to a 4-1 conservative majority. The Miami Dade school board also flipped their majority from liberal to conservative, making them the largest county in America to boast a conservative school board.


Florida’s stunning election results bring several issues into focus.

That we are in an era where national outlets like RedState are reporting on local school board races speaks volumes to just how desperate for change American voters have become. Parents reached the limits of their patience with “social justice” political posturing and offensive curriculum. They were pushed too far. Local races have become bitter battle grounds as Americans grasp with the tough lessons of the last two years, thanks to pandemic-era overreach.

Florida’s results may also be a sign of what is to come in November, as other school board races across the country will be on the general ballots. Even if Congress doesn’t get their red wave, America’s school boards just might have a tsunami on the way.


And is this yet another sign of “same but different” when comparing Donald Trump to Ron DeSantis? We’ve been talking a lot about how Trump is still a game changer and is angling to become a “king maker,” with many successful endorsements under his belt so far. What about DeSantis? As a governor, he may not be out there crowning candidates on a national stage. However, in an era where local elections are taking precedence over federal elections, the fact that the Florida Governor has a near perfect track record in picking winning conservatives says a lot about his own “king making” ability where it really counts right now.


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