Progressive School Board Member Calls Black Conservative a ‘Token’ During Activist Meeting

For people who claim to oppose racism, progressives seem to have no problem expressing their bigoted views against black and brown people who do not share their beliefs. We saw this with the barrage of racial slurs hurled by leftists against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas after the overturning of Roe v. Wade.


But this tendency has also been on display at the local level. Elizabeth Andersen, a member of the Duval County Public School Board in Florida, referred to black conservative mothers who have been outspoken against the problematic material being taught in K-12 schools.

Andersen made her racist comments during a virtual meeting with a group called Beaches Activists, a “progressive grassroots group” that promotes “a healthy democracy requires educated and engaged citizens, fair elections, a functioning and credible free press, and honest and responsive elected officials” according to its website. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss Moms For Liberty, a parental rights advocacy organization that has been instrumental in the ongoing battle over education.

During the Zoom call, Andersen referred to a video made by Quisha King, a black woman who was a volunteer for Moms For Liberty at the time, regarding some of the teachings on sexuality and gender identity that is being presented to small children in schools. She also brought up Tia Bess, a volunteer for Moms For Liberty who happens to be a black woman, along with April Carney, who is running to unseat Andersen. She said:

“So we know that these folks are absolutely on a phone call speed dial basis with our legislators to move legislation forward in the videos or in the images that Dan shared with you, my opponents and both of them or all of it, she’s pretty high level with local Moms for Liberty. So we have Quisha King – April Carney is my opponent – Tia Bess … and they often will sort of parade her out as a token person because everyone is doing harmful things to children with special needs, and that’s to push that agenda.”



(Note: Beaches Activists, the group that held the meeting in March, took down the video from its YouTube channel. Fortunately, the internet is forever and we have retrieved the clip.)

The term “token” is one of left’s favorite slurs used against black conservatives. The implication is that black folks like King and Bess cannot think for themselves and are merely following orders from white people. Andersen was intimating that groups like Moms For Liberty and others are only using these black women as cover against the left’s baseless accusations of racism.

This is a tactic progressives have been using for decades, and it appears they have no qualms with engaging in the exact type of racism they claim to despise. But situations like this expose these folks for exactly what they are: Hypocritical racists.


Note: Quisha King is in a relationship with this author.


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