Here’s Why Democrats Are Losing Voters

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

There isn’t much one can say about the Democrats’ political position that hasn’t already been said about Ghislaine Maxwell’s future. President Biden and the gang are in an increasingly precarious position because they made the brilliant decision to botch every single problem with which they were faced, while taking the absolute wrong positions on pretty much everything. But the reason why Democrats are losing is a bit deeper than incompetence and being out of touch with us regular folks.

RedState’s Nick Arama wrote about a report showing that over one million voters changed their voter affiliation to the Republican Party, which is an obvious sign that the Democrats are in a world of hurt. Only 630,000 switched their affiliation to the Democratic Party. This, along with numerous polls showing abysmal approval ratings for President Joe Biden and noting that most Americans are not on board with the Democrats’ radical agenda on education, immigration, the economy, and other issues, is painting a stark picture of the left’s political fate.

RedState’s Brandon Morse also noted that “America is a center-right country at the end of the day, and while it may have leftist leanings here and there, what it doesn’t have in great abundance is radical leftist leanings.”

Comedian Bill Maher actually gave an excellent diagnosis highlighting the fatal errors the Democrats have made to lose a significant number of voters. During the latest episode of HBO’s “Real Time,” he made a comparison to actor Johnny Depp’s successful defamation lawsuit against fellow actor Amber Heard, noting that it could give the left some insight into how they can turn their bad fortunes around.

To illustrate his point, Maher pointed to Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX), who won her election in a deep blue area of Texas.

“The campaign manager for the losing Democrat said, ‘We gave up a reliably Democratic congressional seat for no reason at all. We deserve to know why.’ Well, aside from your terrible attitude, I’m going to tell you why,” Maher explained. “Because these voters stopped seeing your candidate as their lawyer. That’s why.”

He continued: “Their message to you was, ‘I’m an American now. I’m here. Be my lawyer, not the lawyer for the migrants showing up in my backyard.’” Maher added.

The comedian went on to lambast the party for taking policy positions that are not popular with the American public. He blasted its leaders for being soft on illegal immigration, progressive indoctrination in education, student loan forgiveness, transgender issues, and a slew of other issues that are not top of mind for the average American.

He referred to progressives’ incessant use of the term “Latinx,” despite recent polling suggesting that the vast majority of Hispanic voters despise the moniker. “AOC keeps defending it, saying, ‘Gender is fluid. Language is fluid.’ Yes, and Latino voters are fluid — and more of them now than ever are identifying as Republicans,” Maher observed.

The host reiterated the crux of the matter: How the party represents – or fails to represent – its constituents. He said he would like to see the Democratic Party win again by representing people like him better.

What Maher identified on his show is the core of the issue. The average American is looking for leaders who will effectively represent them in Congress and other areas of government. They want people who will speak to their concerns and fight for their needs.

But Democratic leaders – especially those in the far-left progressive camp – have shown they do not care what everyday people think. They are not concerned with the matters on which most people are focused. Indeed, conservatives have constantly accused the left of being out of touch. However, as I argued previously, this is not true. It is not that progressives are out of touch with what normal Americans think, it is that they do not care what we think. The problem is they believe they can still advance their agenda even if it flies in the face of what “We the People” want. As you can see, it has not worked out too well for these folks.

Nevertheless, Democrats continue doubling down. There are no signs that they are learning their lesson. They have been determined to try to shove their agenda down our throats regardless of what we think. It is like they believe the newly-sparked conversation on abortion or their Jan. 6 hearings will save their bacon in November. It will not be long before they realize they were sorely mistaken. Unfortunately for them, they still will not learn their lessons because progressives just can’t help themselves.


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