Here’s Why I’ve Been Writing So Much About Education

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If you read my work on a regular basis, you might have noticed I’ve been writing more frequently on the debate over education. It’s not a topic that has typically been in my wheelhouse for most of my commentary career. But what is happening in America’s schools has me worried for our nation’s future to the point that I feel it necessary to expose as much as I possibly can.

As a father, seeing news report after news report showing how school districts are working overtime to indoctrinate children into far-leftist progressive ideology is concerning. But when I draw this whole thing out to its logical conclusion, I can see that this trend could result in our kids growing up in a country we no longer recognize.

We already know that the left is lying about school districts inculcating students with so-called progressive ideas on race, gender identity, and sexuality. When parents discovered what educators were teaching their children after the COVID-19 pandemic forced students to learn from home, it became undeniable. A fiery backlash ensued, with people showing up at school board meetings to make their outrage known.

Still, the woke activists masquerading as teachers are still pushing this ideology on our children despite the fact that the numbers show the public school system has completely failed American students. The National Association of Education Progress (NAEP) puts out a “National Report Card” every two years measuring the performance of America’s students in a variety of subjects. Their most recent report, published in 2019, shows how badly our schools are serving our children.

In reading, only 34 percent of fourth-graders at public schools are performing at or above proficiency levels. For eighth-graders, the number is 32 percent. The same is true for only 36 percent of 12th graders.

It doesn’t get much better when it comes to mathematics. Only 40 percent of fourth-graders are at or above proficiency levels in math. The same holds true for only 33 percent of eighth-graders and 24 percent of 12th graders.

Performance in history and civics is also abysmal. But I’ll cover that in another article. This is already depressing enough, isn’t it?

Yet, despite these horrific numbers, school districts still insist on focusing children on CRT, gender ideology, and sexuality. Our children are graduating without possessing the requisite knowledge to thrive in the real world. But at least they won’t be homophobic racists, right?

So why are they doing this? Why are school districts infusing this radical ideology into the classroom?

For some, they might actually believe they are benefiting the children and society. I suspect many – if not most – of these educators believe this will create more tolerant and accepting adults. In fact, the more I dig into this, the more I realize the teachers themselves are indoctrinated. That makes sense, right? If you want to indoctrinate students, you have to start with those charged with influencing their minds. In fact, most people don’t realize that public schools have been indoctrination centers since their inception. More on that later. But what we are seeing today is even more pernicious than what these institutions were doing back in the day.

The reality is that this is designed to create a less bigoted society, the reality is something far more insidious. The progressive left seeks to create a new generation of Marxist activists who will support their causes and vote for their politicians. Right now, progressives don’t have the numbers in Congress to push their agenda in legislation. But we already know they play the long game, right?

These people will stop at nothing to realize their socialist utopia. Influence over the children is probably the most effective long-term strategy they could employ – and they have been doing it under our noses for decades. This didn’t just start two years ago; progressives started this process in the 1980s. It’s only now that people have become wise to it.

But even though it has been exposed, leftists are still pushing this stuff in classrooms. Indeed, districts that don’t already have policies designed to exclude parents are hard at work developing them. This is why I can’t stop covering this subject. It’s just too important. The more we expose this, the more we can get people out of the sidelines and into the fight. I might sound a bit dramatic, but I mean it when I say the future of our nation depends on how this battle turns out.


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