What Is a Gender Support Plan and Why Should Parents Be Concerned?

What Is a Gender Support Plan and Why Should Parents Be Concerned?
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With all the hubbub over inappropriate material being infused into school curriculum, it seems important to understand just how school districts are grooming children to become more amenable to far-leftist ideas on gender identity. The indoctrination isn’t only happening within the confines of lesson plans and pedagogy, it is also occurring within interpersonal relationships between teachers, school counselors, and children – especially those who exhibit confusion about their gender identity or sexuality.

This is where the Gender Support Plan comes in.

The Gender Support Plan is essentially a collaboration between school faculty and students who could be experiencing gender dysphoria or confusion over their gender identity. A child can communicate to school officials that they wish to socially transition to the opposite gender. This would include essentially any area of transition that does not involve physical treatments or surgery.

The plan is shared between the student and school only. This means that in most cases, the school does not require parental knowledge or consent to assist a student in socially transitioning to the opposite gender. Indeed, in many instances, school employees are urged to use deceptive means to prevent parents from becoming aware of their children’s identity issues.

Schools use Gender Support Plans to help them facilitate the transition unbeknownst to parents. It includes items such as notating the child’s “preferred” name, gender identity, and updating information in the system to reflect the chosen gender. It also involves strategizing to encourage the transition.

San Diego Unified School District’s plan, for example, ensures that if a child submits an Option 1 Name Change, which is done when they “do not have affirming parents/guardians,” their new chosen name would only appear on school rosters. Keep in mind that the term “affirming parents/guardians” does not refer only to those who do not approve of their child transitioning – it also applies to those who are not even aware of their kid’s gender identity issues. The district’s plan even allows for differing types of communication with each parent based on how supportive they are of the child’s gender status.

The idea of the Gender Support Plan was developed by an organization called Gender Spectrum, which “facilitates social groups for parents, guardians, grandparents, and other family members and caregivers, providing them a space to explore their own feelings, and to find a community that can support them as they navigate their child’s journey,” according to its website. The group also claims to “envision a world that is affirming and inclusive of children and teens of all genders.”

The group hosts programs, conferences, and seminars on gender identity among children. In one session, Dr. Johanna Olson-Kennedy argued that teenage girls getting mastectomies because they wish to transition into being male isn’t a big deal. “What we do know is that adolescents actually have the capacity to make a reasonable, logical decision,” she said. “And here’s the other thing about chest surgery: If you want breasts at a later point in your life, you can go and get them.”

Another part of Gender Support Plans is that children will be called by their chosen names by school employees. But when addressing parents, educators are instructed to use the name they were given at birth to conceal the students’ gender status. The school will also issue two ID cards; one with the birth name and the other with the new name. It also allows students to use locker rooms and restrooms designated for the opposite sex. Districts also allow the child to meet with counselors on campus or at other locations. These meetings are facilitated by the school.

The reality is that Gender Support Plans allow schools to help a child live an entirely different life outside the home without the parents finding out until it is too late. This is the plan. These people are not trying to protect students, they are grooming them. The fact that they deliberately cut the parents out of the process is proof positive that this is not about mental health – it is about influencing impressionable children to embrace transgenderism.

It is also important to note that this is not the only method schools are using to groom children. But it is one of the most common. Unfortunately, more districts are adopting this tactic and progressives are hard at work developing novel ways to push their radical ideas on children without the knowledge of parents. The more this is exposed, the harder it will be for these people to get their way.

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