It’s the Mess, Not the Message

It’s the Mess, Not the Message
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Democrats continue to miss the point. A recent report suggests party officials believe the party’s shoddy messaging strategy is to blame for their current woes. But, as is typical these days, they are showing how out of touch they are with everyday Americans, who are still facing problems the left is failing to address.

Earlier in April, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton indicated that Democrats have to be better at bragging about their achievements. During an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” she said:

“I’m not quite sure what the disconnect is between the accomplishments of the administration, and this Congress, and the understanding of what’s been done, and the impact it will have on the American public, and some of the polling and the ongoing hand-wringing.”

Clinton continued, insisting that Democrats have “a good case to make if we get our focus in the right place to do it,” and that they have “a lot of good accomplishments to be putting up on the board.”

She concluded: “The Democrats in office and out need to be doing a better job of making the case.”

Former President Barack Obama sang the same tune when a reporter asked him about Democrats’ prospects for success in the upcoming congressional elections. “We got a story to tell, just got to tell it,” he said.

Other Democrats share Obama’s and Clinton’s sentiments. The Hill reported:

Some Democrats are baffled at Biden’s low numbers given what they think is a list of robust accomplishments. They list the coronavirus relief bill passed in March, a bipartisan infrastructure bill and the recent confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson, who will be the first Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court.

They also highlight an economy that continues to create jobs, and the improving state of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report acknowledges that issues like inflation, the Afghanistan withdrawal, and the COVID-19 pandemic have been roadblocks for the Democrats – but the author left out quite a bit more areas the Democrats have flubbed. America has also seen President Joe Biden create a migrant crisis, fail to push the country toward energy independence, mishandle the Ukraine/Russia conflict, and several other failures.

Former Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Steve Israel summed it up nicely. “The problem is that voters would rather feel that the economy is improving than read about it. And in this hyperpartisan environment even if the statistics tell you you’re doing better, you’re not going to give Joe Biden credit for that,” he told The Hill. “Which means Democrats have a message marathon, not a sprint. They’ll be forcing votes on core economic issues that force a contrast and that contrast will be drawn in potent thirty second ads in the midterm election this fall.”

The bottom line is that telling Americans that their lives are improving when their lives are not improving is not an effective strategy. Yes, that sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Moreover, those claiming the Democrats have done a crappy job highlighting their accomplishments are probably taking advantage of Biden’s crack pipe distribution program. The fact of the matter is that the party does not have many accomplishments to speak of.

Sure, unemployment is dropping again, but much of that is people going back to work after the COVID-19 pandemic. The only major pieces of legislation Democrats have passed were the American Rescue Plan and the bipartisan infrastructure bill. They have done little to address high gas prices, and the fact that people are spending more to buy groceries.

Let’s also not forget the fact that the left has taken the absolute dumbest positions on issues important to the average American. While people are struggling to keep their cars gassed up, leftists are crying about Florida passing a law that disallows teachers from instructing little kids on sexuality and gender identity. They are pushing to teach concepts related to Critical Race Theory (CRT) in America’s classrooms. Even worse, they are doing this while also advocating for parents to be cut out of the process. Polling has shown that even Democratic voters are not on board with this. Nevertheless, they persist. It turns out doubling down on stupid isn’t exactly the best way to win hearts and minds, is it?

Education is only one issue on which Democrats are out of touch with the public. Indeed, even black and Hispanic voters are beginning to gravitate to the Republican Party because the left is leaving them behind by kowtowing to the progressive crowd. But sure, let’s just pretend it’s an issue of messaging. After all, why should we snatch the gun away when they are shooting themselves in the foot?

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