Here’s How Democrats Will Explain Away Losing the Midterms

The Democrats are going to lose big in the upcoming midterm elections and everyone knows it. While they may not admit it, even the Democrats and their close friends and allies in the activist media see the writing on the wall. The only thing they can do at this point is an attempt to mitigate the damage from the hammering the Republicans will give them in November.

But there is one thing we should not expect from the Democrats after they reel from the shellacking: Accountability. Indeed, the left-wing chattering class is already preparing the excuses they will make after their vicious beating.

This past week marked one of the worst setbacks the Democrats have faced in quite some time. Only weeks after it became apparent that President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda was dead in the water, the Democrats’ signature voting rights bill crashed and burned when Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) refused to vote in support of canceling the filibuster.

The Guardian reported:

In a rebuke to Biden, Sinema gave a speech on the Senate floor last week making it clear she would not support changes to the filibuster. Manchin has also consistently made his support clear. “I will not vote to eliminate or weaken the filibuster. The filibuster plays an important role in protecting our democracy from the transitory passions of the majority and respecting the input of the minority in the Senate,” he said in a speech on Wednesday.

The report continued, noting that the senators’ opposition “set up a showdown as the ultimately doomed bill was taken up for discussion on Wednesday.”

The author wrote:

Late in the evening, Republicans used the filibuster to vote to end debate on the bill, effectively blocking it from advancing. Immediately afterwards, Democrats moved to hold a vote to try and change the filibuster rules anyway. The effort failed 52-48, with Manchin and Sinema voting with all 50 Republicans to preserve the filibuster. Sinema loudly said “aye” when it was her turn to vote in favor of preserving the filibuster changes.

President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris vowed to continue fighting for the bill. But at this point, it is obvious that the Democrats’ attempted federal takeover of elections has gone the way of the dinosaur.

While this does not quite seem related to the Democrats’ eventual loss, statements from their leaders provide us a glimpse into how they will try to spin their defeat. Shortly before the Senate was set to vote on the filibuster change, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said: “Isn’t protecting voting rights, the most fundamental wellspring of this democracy, more important than a rule?’

During an appearance on NBC’s “Today show on Thursday, Vice President Harris said: “We as Americans cannot allow this blatant erosion of democracy, that’s the topic and let’s not get distracted by political gamesmanship.”

Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) also made remarks before the vote in which he conjured Martin Luther King Jr., the Guardian reported, arguing that people “cannot remember MLK and dismember his legacy at the same time.” He vowed to “not sit quietly while some make Dr. King a victim of identity theft.”

If this didn’t make it obvious enough, we can refer to comments that President Biden made during a press conference last week. He indicated that if the two voting rights bills did not pass, the outcomes of the midterm elections “easily could be illegitimate.” He said:

“I’m not saying it’s going to be legit. The increase in the prospect of it being illegitimate is in direct proportion to us not being able to get these reforms passed.”

Despite attempts by the White House and activist media to clean up Biden’s remarks, the meaning was clear: When we lose, we will claim it was because of voter suppression and not our ineptitude. It is for this reason that the Democrats, when they aren’t busy wringing their hands over the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, are aggressively pushing their Jim Crow 2.0 narrative. It is nothing more than a ploy to fool the American people into thinking Republicans plan to cheat to win the midterms.

Does this sound familiar?

Isn’t this the same type of behavior they condemn when conservatives raise questions about the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election? Of course, it is, but they are hoping Toto won’t remove the curtain behind their unabashed duplicity. It is not likely this particular Big Lie will work. But they have to try something, don’t they?


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