Is the Transgender Movement Losing Steam?

Over the past decade, the transgender issue has been a prominent part of American politics and the culture war. The hard left has pulled out all the stops to persuade, shame, or coerce people into accepting their views on gender.

We have seen the left infusing their ideas on gender into the classroom. A Loudoun county teacher was placed on administrative leave earlier this year because she refused to affirm that boys could become girls and vice versa. In Fairfax, a new survey is asking children about their sexual preferences and gender. The Daily Wire reported:

A new county youth survey directed at schoolchildren as young as 12 years old in Fairfax County, Virginia, will ask them questions such as whether they have ever had sex, how old they were when it happened, and how many people they have had sexual intercourse with.

Real Clear Education recently released a report in which it detailed how a private organization called Panorama is collecting data from elementary and high school students. The surveys they conducted also asked students questions regarding sexuality. For example, the children are asked questions like “How do you describe your sexual orientation,” and “Are you transgender?”

These are only a few examples showing how the hard left is pushing transgender ideology in American society. They are doing the same at college campuses and even in the government. However, it appears the success of their efforts might be in decline. A recent Harvard/Harris poll showed American attitudes towards these issues are not exactly in line with the woke crowd.

When asked if they believe there are more than two genders, 72 percent indicated they believe there are only two genders, while 28 percent believed there are more than two genders. The poll also asked if people are born with their gender pronoun. In response, 62 percent affirmed people are born with their gender, while 38 percent believed people should be able to choose their gender.

Breitbart News reported:

In 2019, the Harvard/Harris team asked 1,295 registered voters: “Do you think that transgender people should be required to use the bathroom of their sex at birth or allowed to use the bathroom that best aligns with their gender identity and stated sex?”

The 2019 respondents were split 50/50. So the 62/38 result in 2021 suggests that the public’s view has moved at least 20 points towards the biology-trumps-gender side of the debate in the last couple of years.

The report also notes that the hard left argues that there are far more than two genders, including “agender,” “androgyne,” “bigender,” “demiboy,” and “demigender.”

The debate over transgenderism has manifested in national debates over issues related to whether biological men should be allowed to use women’s restrooms if they identify as female. It has also shown up in government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels regarding how employees should address those who identify as transgender.

This issue has also shown up in the culture in a myriad of ways. Hard leftists encourage people to add their preferred pronouns to their social media profiles. Companies encourage employees to add them to their email signatures. Progressives continue pushing the idea that transgender women should be allowed to compete against biological women in sports events.

People have even debated over how transgender issues should be discussed when it comes to children. Some have argued in favor of giving hormones to kids who identify as transgender. Others have advocated for teaching children about transgenderism in the classroom.

Transgender issues, like most hotly-debated topics, are nuanced and complex. However, the hard left seems intent on shoving their ideas about gender down our throats. As usual, they allow no room for debate or discussion – they seek only compliance.

However, despite having control over most of America’s important institutions, they are not winning the messaging battle. Breitbart also pointed out that a PRRI survey showed that 36 percent of Americans believe transgender female students should be allowed to compete in female sports. This represents a stunning 24 point drop from when 50 percent of respondents indicated they supported this practice.

The poll also demonstrated that the percentage of people who believe there are more than two genders had dropped significantly as well. The 2021 survey showed that only 17 percent of participants strongly believe there are more than two genders, which shows a decrease from 24 percent in a 2019 poll.

It is a wonder that conservatives are winning on this and other issues, despite social media censorship and the influence of universities and activist media outlets. It appears that even though the left maintains supremacy over the means by which ideas are communicated in America, they have been unable to cement their ideology in several different areas.

Conservatives should take this reality as an indicator that the leftist propaganda machine isn’t the political leviathan we tend to think it is. They can be beaten.


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