Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Bans Transgendered "Women" From Competing In Women's Sports

(Nick Wagner/Austin American-Statesman via AP, Pool)

Texas isn’t playing games when it comes to women’s sports.

On Monday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill that would permanently ban men from participating in women’s sports, putting an end to the transgender issue plaguing women’s competitions in the state.


The bill, sponsored by State Rep. Valoree Swanson, stops public schools from allowing those who are biologically male or female from competing in sports or teams opposite of their biology. This law will fill in the blank a previous law left behind that allowed transgender athletes to compete in sports meant for the opposite sex if they changed their birth certificate.

“It’s so very, very important that we protect everything that women have gained in the last 50 years,” Swanson said according to Texas Tribune.

The Tribune noted that LGBT activist organizations are already speaking out about the bill, including the CEO of “Equality Texas” who called the bill “anti-transgender legislation”:

Ricardo Martinez, CEO of Equality Texas, opposed the bill and said the organization’s most immediate focus is providing healing to transgender children and advocates who have returned session after session to speak out against anti-transgender legislation.

“Our organizations will also begin to shift focus to electing pro-equality lawmakers who understand our issues and prioritize representing the vast majority of Texans who firmly believe that discrimination against trans and [LGBTQ] people is wrong,” Martinez said.

This is a mischaracterization of the bill. Labeling it “anti-transgender legislation” makes it seem as if Republicans were passing this out of hate for the transgender community, which is false. This is an effort to protect girls in sports, and allow fair competition between women and girls. This aspect is never mentioned by these activist groups who only seem to want to focus on victimizing LGBT peoples and not focus on the unfair treatment of women.


At this time, this “anti-trans” approach to the issue is popular among the left, up to and including the powers that be in Silicon Valley. Recently, a biologist was silenced on Instagram after he posted evidence that men who transitioned to women are still far and away stronger and faster than biological women.

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This strength and speed difference has been demonstrated time and again in various sports including biking competitionsMMA fightingwrestling, and track and field. America seems to have soured over the idea of men competing alongside women as well. In 2019 a Rasmussen poll discovered only 28 percent of Americans approve of transgendered people competing alongside biological women, and it’s highly unlikely to have changed much since.


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