Spare Us the Fake Outrage Over ‘Let’s Go Brandon,’ You Feckless Hypocrites

Let's go Brandon sign in Staten Island amid protests against vaccine mandate (Credit: Freedom News)

It is amazing that the “Let’s go, Brandon” phenomenon is still being hotly debated on social media and the airwaves. Activist media outlets and their employees have been losing their collective minds over the chant, which became a sensation after a so-called reporter at a NASCAR event tried to convince viewers that the audience was chanting “Let’s go, Brandon,” when they were really chanting “F*ck Joe Biden.”


RedState’s Bonchie pointed out how members of the activist media were upset at the crude comments about their dear leader. The Washington Post posted a piece whining about Biden critics using the chant to express their disdain for his presidency. Taxpayer-funded NPR posted a helpful report explaining that “Let’s go, Brandon,” is something conservatives are using “in place of a more vulgar message directed at President Biden.”

Jon Cooper, former campaign chair for former President Barack Obama, along with many others, went crazy when a Southwest Airlines pilot reportedly said “Let’s Go, Brandon” over the intercom. He posted a tweet encouraging others to pressure the company to fire the pilot.

Asha Rangappa, a CNN media activist, compared the pilot’s comments to declaring support for the Islamic State.


I could go on and on listing examples of crybullies pretending to be offended at people making vulgar remarks about the geriatric authoritarian in the White House, but I don’t feel like writing a piece longer than “The Count of Monte Cristo.”

I’ll just give it to you straight: None of these people care about vulgarities being directed at the president. They care nothing for respecting the office of the president, and the past five years have more than proven that.

When former President Donald Trump was in office, high-profile leftists used language about him  far worse than saying “F*ck Joe Biden.” Alleged comedian Steven Colbert referred to him as Putin’s “c*ck holster.” The media celebrated when he was flipped off by a critic.

But it gets even worse than that.

The Democrats and activist media constantly tried to persuade their audience to believe that Trump and his supporters were just as bad as Hitler and the Nazis. They published op-ed after op-ed making the comparison as if it were actually a valid argument. In one instance, a media activist compared him to Hezbollah, an Iran-backed Islamic terrorist group.

The left also pushed the Russian hooker narrative as if it were fact – even after it was debunked. Indeed, they pretended that Trump was literally a Russian asset who was Vladimir Putin’s puppet. Even now, they smear his supporters by pushing false narratives about them being white nationalists.


These people have gone so far as to refer to parents protesting at school board meetings as “domestic terrorists,” and have even colluded with Biden’s Department of Justice to target them. Moreover, they have tried to paint the right as being the same as the thugs who stormed the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6.

In short, the people who are clutching their pearls over “Let’s go, Brandon,” have done – and are still doing – far worse when it comes to political rhetoric. These unprincipled hypocrites don’t care about vulgarity being directed at the president – they care about vulgarity being directed at their president. So, until they actually do what they’re telling us to do, they can spare us their fake anger. It’s not even close to being believable.

Oh, and let’s go, Brandon!


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