Washington Post Editor Lambasted After Boasting About Going Full Mask Karen

Washington Post Editor Lambasted After Boasting About Going Full Mask Karen
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If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: These people just can’t help themselves. In the latest iteration of “Leftist Virtue Signals On Twitter,” Ruth Marcus, a deputy editorial page editor for the Washington Post, got it in her mind to go on Twitter to share an unpleasant encounter with a guy on an elevator who committed the cardinal sin of going maskless.

On Sunday, she tweeted:

In Madison, Wis. By now I should know better but: I get in elevator. It stops on lower floor. Man steps in, unmasked. Sign in elevator says masks required. Me, getting out: “you know, it would be really nice if you wore a mask.” Man: “I don’t care what you think.” America 2021.

She continued:

It’s a rule, a county rule. “Face coverings are required among people ages two and older when in any enclosed space open to the public where other people, except for members of the person’s own household or living unit, are present.”

As you might imagine, the editor was met with vicious and well-deserved mockery for engaging in Karenous behavior and then posting it on the internet as if it somehow makes her a wonderful person. Oddly enough, if one does a search of her tweets, you can’t find a single one calling out the slew of Democratic politicians who have flouted their own mask mandates with impunity.

Ruth Marcus had nothing to say about California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s disregard for mask mandates. She has no tweets criticizing San Francisco Mayor London Breed for not wearing a mask indoors. She has not spoken out against Austin Mayor Steve Adler, who cut a video telling Austinites not to travel when he was vacationing in Mexico. She said nothing of any of these individuals or any other Democrats who ignored mask mandates. Believe me, I looked.

As I’ve said previously, the way you can tell if a person actually believes in the principles they claim to embrace is by seeing if they will apply said principles when it does not benefit them or their political team. She is willing to publicly decry the man in her story but has had nothing to say about her fellow leftists who have shown that they do not take the mask issue seriously.

To be fair, we don’t know the political affiliation of the man in the elevator, but his response does give us more than a small hint, right? Nevertheless, if one does not apply their principles consistently, then we should not assume their beliefs are sincerely held. Marcus, like the rest of her colleagues, is an unprincipled leftist media activist hack.

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