San Fran Mayor London Breed Caught Maskless at a Club, Despite COVID Restrictions

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I would love to see London Breed fall down and get out of political life completely. I also wanted Governor Gavin Newsom to be removed from office. Alas, sometimes, we don’t get what we wish for, but it doesn’t mean we stop calling them out on their hypocrisy and corruption.


Breed was fined $23,000 last month over “significant” ethics charges. Now she has been caught breaking the rules again, with her own COVID restrictions. San Francisco requires masks indoors for all public settings, including gyms, bars, and nightclubs, whether you are vaccinated or not.

So, where was Breed caught? At a nightclub in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco, dancing maskless and partying with a few of her closest friends who also happened to be BLM activists.

Just another day in the life of a California progressive with a “D” behind their name.

Local ABC7 reports:

Unmasked, singing, and dancing with an equally unmasked crowd, cell phone video shows Mayor London Breed inside a club in the Tenderloin on Wednesday night.

Breed and others enjoyed a surprise performance by Bay Area R&B group, Tony! Toni! Toné!, at the Black Cat on Eddy and Leavenworth Streets. But the maskless moment flies in the face of what the Mayor Breed has been telling San Franciscans all pandemic long.

“You know wear your mask, look at the environment, and be aware that COVID is still out there,” said Mayor Breed on May 18, 2021.

And on July 30, Mayor Breed said, “we are definitely close to a mandate of wearing masks and I know people are tired of being told what to do but the facts is this is where is are”.

San Francisco Department of public health order, clearly states:

“Everyone, including people who are fully vaccinated, must wear a well-fitted mask in indoor public settings at all times except,” the order continues, “people may remove their well-fitted mask while actively eating or drinking.”


But not while actively singing, dancing, and taking selfies: unless, of course, you’re London Breed.

These Democrat progressive politicians have been doing this ad infinitum since the pandemic started. Breed even had her own French Laundry moment right after Governor Hair Gel’s. Yet, it does not look as though they plan to stop, even when they do get caught. As long as no one holds them accountable, they are basically given carte blanche to continue. Since His Hairfulness skirted being kicked out of office and thinks that means nobody cares about his wrongdoing, I have dubbed this the “Newsom Effect”. Mayor Breed is the latest poster child for this principle. Sadly, she will not be the last.

The Mayor’s office knows this, and issued the usual statement that is supposed to double as an apology… sort of.

A representative from Mayor Breed’s office said, “the mayor was excited to be out and had an incredible night at the Black Cat, and wants to support small businesses. She was with friends at her table, not wearing a mask while eating and drinking and enjoying herself. She knows health orders are hard and asks everyone to do their best to follow them.”

Breed’s ethics violations were being reported and on full display for all to see in the fish wrap of record known as the San Francisco Chronicle. Where are the cries for her to resign? It’s like, no one is batting an eyelash over clear corruption. But what am I saying, people are barely batting an eyelash over the fact that their streets are swimming with needles and feces.


As the Guardian reported:

The city’s ethics commission had found that London Breed committed multiple violations involving the misuse of her title as mayor for personal gain and the abuse of San Francisco’s laws on accepting gifts from subordinates and campaign contributions.

Breed had asked a former governor to release her brother from prison and allowed a former head of public works embroiled in a corruption scandal to pay her car repair bill.

The proposed agreement from the city’s ethics commission also fines Breed for failing to properly report a 2015 campaign contribution while running for re-election to the board of supervisors. If approved by the commission at its next meeting on 13 August, the mayor will personally pay the fine, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Monday.

Even for these massive violations in her role as mayor, Breed issued a non-apology which basically amounted to, “Oops, my bad!” As though she farted in public or spilled her drink on the dance floor.

In a statement Tuesday, Breed said that the fines were “fair” and that she took responsibility for her conduct. Breed appears to be the first San Francisco mayor to settle such a case, the Chronicle reported, and the fine is among the largest imposed by the commission in recent history.

“I’ve learned a lot over the last two years since the most recent of these events took place, and I’ve learned from this process,” she said.


What Breed has learned from the process is that if you’re a Democrat progressive, you get away with murder. Chesa Boudin is the San Francisco district attorney, so you know it’s true.

The Newsom Effect rolls on.


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