What Is the Most Dangerous Threat to the United States Today?

What Is the Most Dangerous Threat to the United States Today?
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Folks on the hard left are fond of claiming that white supremacy is the most dangerous threat to American society today. It has become something of a mantra repeated by Democratic politicians and left-wing media activists.

Indeed, there are indications that the threat of white supremacist terror is real. Last year, the Department of Homeland Security contended that white supremacists “remain the most persistent and lethal threat in the homeland.” Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray have echoed these sentiments.

Some polling suggests that a significant percentage of Americans view racism and race relations as one of the nation’s biggest problems. This became even more pronounced after the murder of George Floyd. Still, while racial problems are a valid concern in America today, does it make sense to posit that it is the most dangerous?

Of course, many believe the government is the most dangerous problem the nation faces. This is also a valid concern. Right now, Congress is considering a $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill that seems to have little to do with infrastructure. It includes an amnesty for about 8 million illegal immigrants residing in the U.S. Democrats snuck in a red flag provision in this year’s National Defense Authorization Act that is headed to the Senate.

Even worse, over the past year, we saw state governments issuing draconian lockdown orders and mask mandates on the populace. Now, Democrats are seeking to force Americans to take a vaccination by any means necessary. Cities are issuing vaccination mandates with the Biden administration’s full blessing, and there seems to be no end in sight.

Even still, I wouldn’t say the government is the most dangerous problem to American society, although it is a close second.

Over the past five years – and even before – it has become apparent that the activist media is the biggest danger to this nation. From where I sit, the Fourth Estate has taken an increasingly pernicious position in the culture and has abused its power by seeking to influence the public rather than inform the public.

While many would be reluctant to admit that the press commands the power to influence the way people think, it is true nonetheless. Over the past five years, when Trump was on the national stage, the activist media ran unending smear campaigns against him and his supporters. As a result, their progressive agenda became apparent to many — despite still claiming to be objective speakers of truth to power.

But now, the activist media has taken a more disturbing role, now that President Joe Biden is in office. Reporters, commentators, and other types of media activists have forsaken their original mandate to keep our government accountable and have become the White House’s Ministry of Propaganda.

The media’s abdication of its actual purpose is arguably the most dangerous issue facing the nation. This is because governments typically find any excuse to grow themselves and become more intrusive in the lives of the governed.

A robust press is supposed to be one of the most effective checks on an increasingly corrupt government. Its duty is to stand as a bulwark against creeping tyranny – both overt and covert. Indeed, this is why authoritarian rulers typically do away with the press or seize control over it. Authentic journalism is one of the biggest dangers to leadership that seeks to become totalitarian.

Unfortunately, America no longer has a Fourth Estate that is willing to push back against the state’s excesses. Indeed, it is aiding and abetting them. Journalists working at major, establishment media outlets are more concerned with downplaying, covering up for, and in many cases, lying about President Joe Biden’s failings. With the exception of the Afghanistan withdrawal, there seems to be no issue on which the press will not seek to defend their president.

In the past, the media was decidedly biased in favor of Democrats and the left in general. Only those living in extreme denial would pretend this wasn’t the case. However, they have gone into full activist mode over the past five years, shilling heavily for Democratic initiatives. There is no attempt to be objective and nuanced.

Their goal is to get you to believe what they want you to believe, and that’s it.

The media has eagerly accepted the mask and vaccine mandates being pushed by Democrats without even bothering to question what government officials are telling them. They have decided to go full bore in persuading their audience to just take the jab and shut up about it.

Reporters use their platforms to cast anyone who questions the injection as mindless Trump supporters who want to get people killed. Never mind the fact that the black community is largely in agreement with conservatives on the vaccine issue. In essence, they are working to make the American public more amenable to government overreach.

The media is the most dangerous entity in America because this government can continue to abuse its power without having to worry about being exposed. President Biden could shoot someone on Main Street, and the likes of Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, and Joy Reid would have nothing to say about it. This reality puts America in a particularly precarious position.

When a Republican is in office, the media will do everything they can to smear them. But their almost religious dedication to defending Democratic presidents is already having a deleterious impact on America. Migrants are swarming the southern border and being allowed into the United States without court dates. Illegals are finding it easier to enter the country because Border Patrol is stretched thin with the border crisis.

Moreover, we can’t ignore the direct impact the media is having on political discourse. The country is woefully divided and the press is the prime culprit. In its effort to push progressivism, the media has taken to demonizing anyone with which they disagree. They smear conservatives as hateful bigots who wish to oppress black and brown people.

But, it is also important to point out that right-wing media engages in the same behavior. The reality is that too many commentators, journalists, and influencers on both sides peddle outrage porn for clicks. They keep Americans at each other’s throats because it is profitable, among other reasons. If this trend continues, it will have some ugly results.

Until the Fourth Estate faces a reckoning or people find a way to bring real journalism back, these problems will persist. But even if a solution is forthcoming, is it too late?

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