Migrant Children Are Being Abused by the Biden Administration and the Media Doesn't Give a Crap

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Here’s one we can file under “stories the media would rather you didn’t know about.” After years of virtue signaling and fake outrage about the treatment of migrant children under the Trump administration, the press is now demonstrating that they never cared about them in the first place.


It turns out that at least one detention center in El Paso, TX is subjecting migrant children to conditions that are worse than being in prison. As of this writing, only two media outlets have bothered to give the issue any real attention.

BBC News reported that the children being kept at Fort Bliss are languishing in substandard living conditions. They are dealing with disease, unsafe food, and even sexual abuse.

One of the children stated that they were being served undercooked meat. One of the staffers explained that one of the kids said, “sometimes the chicken had blood, the meat very red. We couldn’t stand our hunger and we ate it, but we got sick from it.”

The children are also being subjected to various diseases. COVID-19 has been rampant in the camp with many of the minors becoming sick due to living in tents and being in constant close proximity to other children. Lice are also an issue. One tent, which housed 800 girls, was shut down due to the infection and lack of resources to deal with the problem.

Even worse are the reports of sexual abuse being inflicted on the kids. A secret recording given to BBC News revealed an employee voicing her concerns about how the minors were being treated. She said: We have already caught staff with minors inappropriately.”

Another employee stated that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) spoke with members of the staff about an incident involving rape.

“DHS mentioned there was a rape – they are giving the girls pregnancy tests,” the employee explained. “And I heard the other night that another contractor was caught in a boys’ tent, you know, doing things with him.”


However, this isn’t the extent of the problem.

CBS News reported that “the level of distress among migrant boys and girls held by the U.S. government at a tent city in the Texas desert has become so alarming that they are constantly monitored for incidents of self-harm, panic attacks and escape attempts.”

According to the report, some of the children have “required one-on-one supervision 24 hours a day to ensure they don’t hurt themselves.” Some “have refused to eat or spend most of their days sleeping on cots.”

Some of the migrant children have been seen with cut marks on their arms and wrists.

CBS News also noted:

Federal officials became so concerned about migrant teens harming themselves that they banned pencils, pens, scissors, nail clippers and regular toothbrushes inside tents housing hundreds of children, according to an internal document. Workers at the site said they were even instructed to remove the metal nose clips from N95 face masks.

The migrant children are being held until they can be reunited with relatives residing in the U.S.

A 13-year-old Honduran girl who had been detained at Fort Bliss for almost two months stated that some of the other teenagers used their identification cards to cut themselves. As a result, she was placed on the “suicide watch list” along with 28 others.

“I have been here for a really long time. I really want to leave. It’s sad because all my friends are waiting for the staff to call my name to be released because I have been here for such a long time,” she said, according to the declaration.


“They’ve gone from a small cage at Border Patrol to a larger cage at Fort Bliss,” one employee told CBS News. “It’s a juvenile detention facility.”

A number of youths attempted to escape the facility due to the living conditions. CBS News reported:

On May 4, five children unsuccessfully tried to run away from Fort Bliss by jumping a fence near the recreation area. After being transferred to another facility with stricter security protocols, one of the boys said he tried to escape from Fort Bliss because it was too crowded, hot and the food was not good, according to a report reviewed by CBS News.

The workers who spoke with CBS indicated much of the frustration is related to the length of time they have been held in the detention center. “The children long to be with families in the U.S. but many languish at the Army base for weeks and even months with no updates on their release,” according to the report.

One of the employees stated: “There’s very little communicated to these kids about the process and amount of time they’ll be here,”

They added: “So they live in constant doubt, uncertainty and fear about what’s gonna happen to them.”

Health and Human Services (HHS), which is responsible for migrant children after they leave the care of Border Patrol, has refused to allow members of the press inside Fort Bliss and other emergency facilities. The agency has over 14,000 unaccompanied minors under its jurisdiction, many of whom are housed at emergency sites like Fort Bliss.


“Unlike traditional HHS shelters, the emergency sites do not have state licenses that certify they can care for minors. They also have lower standards of care and limited services, including case management, which allows children to be released to family members in the U.S.,” CBS News noted.

Meanwhile, major media outlets, with the exceptions of BBC and CBS, are keeping mum on the issue. Where is CNN? What about the New York Times? Surely these news outlets would be interested in such a story, wouldn’t they?

The answer is: Of course they are interested in these types of stories – but only if they occur under a president they don’t like. With President Biden’s approval ratings declining, the activist media is dutifully doing its job as his Ministry of Propaganda, meaning they wouldn’t dare to draw attention to the migrant children they pretended to care about just a couple of years ago. In the end, political expediency will always be more important than suffering children.


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