Liz Cheney Shows Us Once Again Why Nobody Likes Her

Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) showed she is still a neocon in a post on Twitter in which she lamented the fact that the United States is ending the 20-year-war in Afghanistan. As you can imagine, her remarks were met with derision and scorn from people who recognize that remaining in the country indefinitely is a fool’s errand.


On Monday, Cheney tweeted:

What’s happening in Afghanistan is catastrophic. US forces on the ground were working w/Afghan forces to prevent terrorists from establishing safe havens from which they can attack us again.

Withdrawing US forces is allowing terrorists & their allies to take over the country.

Cheney was referring to the fact that now that the United States is removing its soldiers, the Taliban has begun seizing large swaths of land and fighting to reclaim its supremacy over the region. The Associated Press reported on Monday that the terrorist group wrested control of two more provincial capitals. This marks “the latest development in a weekslong, relentless Taliban offensive as American and NATO forces finalize their pullout from the war-torn country,” according to the AP.

The responses were pretty much as you would expect. Here is a small sampling at the criticism directed at the lawmaker:


Cheney has repeatedly revealed that she is woefully out of touch with Republicans when it comes to her obsession with former President Donald Trump. Indeed, she based her entire platform on “Orange Man Bad.” Her fixation became so pronounced that fellow Republicans who had defended her when she was under fire for her impeachment vote later turned on her because she couldn’t stop focusing on it.

However, this particular tweet shows that Cheney is also out of touch with the rest of the American public, which has roundly rejected the idea of keeping our service members in harm’s way for no apparent reason. The bottom line is that the political will for continuing to engage in endless wars and nation-building is no longer present. The appetite for continued military engagement is gone and the neocon establishment types simply can’t seem to let it go.


This is one of several reasons why the Republican Party is moving in a different direction thanks in large part to Donald Trump. At this point, most members of the establishment seem to be getting the message that Republican voters are sending: Get in line or get out. People like Cheney are going to learn this lesson the hard way when the 2022 primaries roll around.




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