Chip Roy Should Be Arrested for Murdering Ted Lieu on Twitter During Vaccine Spat

Chip Roy Should Be Arrested for Murdering Ted Lieu on Twitter During Vaccine Spat
House Television via AP

I don’t normally write “’XXX’ Destroys ‘XXX’” on Twitter” types of pieces. But when I do, it’s when the smackdown is too delicious to ignore. Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) has figuratively sliced and diced Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) during a recent exchange on Twitter over vaccinations.

On Friday, Rep. Roy posted a tweet stating that he would “not comply with a vaccine mandate, vaccine passport, or other vaccine coercion.”

Roy’s tweet was a response to a recent push by Democrats and the activist media to enact mandatory vaccine and mask requirements in reaction to the spread of the COVID-19 Delta variant. Apparently, Rep. Lieu did not approve of Roy’s tweet and chose to point out that Texas “mandates vaccines such as the polio vaccine if a child wants to go to childcare or school.”

It was at this point that Roy decided to massacre Lieu like the Bride slaughtered the Crazy 88 gang in “Kill Bill.”

Roy retorted:

Oh, you got me.  I will tell my father – who had polio – that expert authoritarian Ted Lieu knows what is best for us (and ignores medical and religious exemptions for most vaccine mandates, as well as the fact this vaccine is about 7 months old).

I mean, Roy could have gone a little easier on the guy. Lieu may have been out of line, but enacting such a vicious version of a virtual death penalty like this seems to be a bit harsh, doesn’t it?

Nevertheless, Roy was only expressing what most Americans feel: Vaccines should not be mandatory. An inconvenient truth for the Democrats is the fact that the majority of Americans believe that people should be able to choose whether to take the jab or not.

Indeed, the Trafalgar Group recently released the results of a poll demonstrating that an overwhelming majority of Americans believe that taking the vaccine should be a “personal choice.” What’s worse for “expert authoritarians” like Ted Lieu is that fact that even a majority of Democrats (58.7 percent) were in line with this opinion.

As is typical of Democrats – especially lately – they are out of touch with the American public. While they may want us to believe that the country is in line with the authoritarian impulses of the hard left, study after study reveals that this is not the case.

Unfortunately for far-leftists like Lieu, they just can’t help themselves. But hey, if they want to alienate most of the country, who are we to stop them?

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