Cancel Culture Community Attempts to Get American Airlines Pilot Fired

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The authoritarian Left is at it again. This time they are targeting an American Airlines pilot who spoke out against a proposed diversity initiative in his local school district.


Guy Midkiff, a 62-year-old Southlake, TX resident, has come under fire for criticizing a diversity program being suggested for Carroll ISD. Some have taken issue with posts he made on social media and on his podcast. Midkiff has worked as a pilot for American Airlines for 32 years, according to his LinkedIn profile.

The Dallas Morning News reported: “Through his Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as a podcast called Wise Guy Talks, Midkiff has documented his opposition to the district’s Cultural Competence Action Plan, as well as various groups and community members who support it.”

Midkiff and other Southlake residents contend that the proposed program is an effort to inject Critical Race Theory (CRT) into the classroom. The Texas House recently passed a bill that would prevent CRT from being taught in schools. Critics of the bill are “worried the legislation would have a chilling effect on classrooms and hamper efforts to encourage students to be effective citizens,” according to the Dallas Morning News.

Two of the groups supporting the program accused the pilot of harassing people through social media. Midkiff insists that these groups are employing “bully tactics” to shut down people who disagree with their ideas.

The groups have been using social media to bring the issue to American Airlines’ attention in what seems to be an attempt to threaten Midkiff’s job.

From the Dallas Morning News:

The Southlake Anti-Racism Coalition, led by current and former students, included four screenshots of Midkiff’s Twitter posts in a tweet that read, “Your employee has been harassing students and community members relentlessly for months for speaking out against the racism they experience in our town. From targeting individual minors and accosting our organization, here are just some of his most recent unprofessional comments.”


The airline responded: “Your comments concern us so please DM the link where it shows the employee comments for us to take a closer look.”

The group posted another tweet with a screenshot supposedly proving that Midkiff was harassing people.

As one can see in the tweet above, none of the screenshots show Midkiff engaging in harassment. He is using contentious language to express his disapproval of the Southlake Anti-Racism Coalition’s (SARC) program, but the group did not provide evidence that he is directly harassing anyone.

American responded in a tweet, “Your comments concern us so please DM the link where it shows the employee comments for us to take a closer look.”

The program, which is called the Cultural Competence Action Plan, was created about nine months ago after a video surfaced showing white students in the school district shouting a racial slur in 2018.


“The plan is in limbo after a mother in the district filed a lawsuit last year, claiming that the board violated the Texas Open Meetings Act, and a Tarrant County judge granted a temporary restraining order barring the district from moving ahead with it,” According to the Dallas Morning News.

Bjorn Bennett, a father of children in the district, previously butted heads with Midkiff as someone who supports the plan. In one post, Midkiff wrote: “Buttorn Bennet [sic] reacts to demoralizing school board election. Rumored to be moving to Sweden.”

“I just see him as a troll who is angrier than most,” Bennett said. “I know that he used to pretend to be an objective ‘journalist’ on his old YouTube channel, but he has completely gone to the dark side.”

The most compelling accusation came from Robin Cornish, widow of former Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Frank Cornish. She began speaking out about racism in the district after a plaque dedicated to her deceased husband was vandalized with racist graffiti in 2017. The widow claims Midkiff is targeting her on his podcast and through social media.

“He’s tried to damage my deceased husband’s legacy by bringing up my bankruptcy history and embarrassing me,” she said. “He goes after women and children and people of color, and he is harassing me and bullying me.”

As stated previously, none of the groups accusing Midkiff of harassment have provided evidence proving their claims. Making comments on social media – even harshly-worded comments – does not constitute harassment.


If these individuals genuinely want to address racism in their school district, attempting to take away one’s livelihood for disagreeing with their methods is not exactly a productive solution. Midkiff may not be totally innocent in what appears to be a childish spat between people who can’t see eye-to-eye on an issue, but so far, there is no evidence that his behavior warrants losing his job.

But this is par for the course with the authoritarian Left, isn’t it? Rather than debating the issue, they are trying to ruin the pilot’s life. Make no mistake, this isn’t just about Midkiff. The Cancel Culture Communists are trying to coerce American Airlines into firing him to send a message to others who might speak out against their program.

The message is implicit: If you don’t go along with our agenda, we will punish you. This is the world in which the hard Left wants America to live. The question is: Will they succeed?


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