BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors Laments ‘White Supremacy' in Housing Market After Buying Luxury Home

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You can’t make this stuff up, folks. Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors blasted ‘white supremacy’ in the housing market only weeks after it was revealed that she has a $3 million property portfolio.


Cullors took to social media to share an NPR story discussing racial disparities in homeownership. On Instagram, she wrote: “Thank you @npr for highlighting the history of racism inside of the housing market and why Black homeownership has always been a way to disrupt white supremacy.”

The Daily Mail reported:

The issues were addressed in an NPR documentary, We Hold These Truths, which looked at how black people have been systematically discriminated against by the real estate industry and government policy over decades.

The report – which focuses on the experiences of black people living in Compton, California, revealed that just 41.8 per cent of black households owned their homes. that rate is almost identical to the black home ownership level 50 years ago, in the early 70s.

“In 1970, two years after the Fair Housing Act passed, the national homeownership rate for black households was 41.8%. By 2019, it was 42.3% – just a net increase of 1.2% from five decades earlier,” the report added.

However, it appears this white supremacy was not effective enough to prevent her from purchasing several properties. She owns four houses in expensive California neighborhoods, predominantly populated by whites.

It appears that being an activist is far more lucrative than we might have believed.


Many on both the right and the left criticized the alleged civil rights leader when her wealth was revealed. At a time when the global Black Lives Matter organization is under scrutiny for being funny with the money and not sharing their funds with local chapters that are actually doing the work on the ground, her luxurious lifestyle was not exactly a good look.

Some have speculated that Cullors is using the money that white progressive bleeding hearts have donated to the organization for personal gain. However, she claims that she has amassed this wealth through her book sales and work as an equality consultant.

Cullors responded to criticism by doing what far-leftists usually do – accuse everyone of being racist. She referred to comments about her property ownership as a “racist and sexist” attack by “right-wing media.”

The Daily Mail reported:

The New York Post also reported that Cullors has also bought three other homes since 2016 at a total cost of around $3 million.

This includes a $ 415,000’ custom ranch’ on 3.2 acres in Conyers, Georgia, with its own pool and airplane hangar.

Additionally, property records show Cullors has also bought two other Los Angeles homes including a three-bedroom home in Inglewood for $510,000 and four-bedroom home in South LA for $590,000.


Cullors has defended herself by saying that she bought the properties to provide for her family. She sees her wealth “as my family’s money, as well.”

‘I’m working on making sure that people don’t suffer, I’m working to make sure people don’t go hungry,’ she said in a YouTube video.

“Black Lives Matter raked in around $90 million in donations last year but does not release a full accounting of its spending. The organization said Cullors has been paid $120,000 since 2013 but has not received any payment since 2019,” according to the Daily Mail, which added: “There is also no suggestion that she used BLM funds to pay for her properties.”

Of those criticizing her, Cullors said: ”And the fact that the right-wing media is trying to create hysteria around my spending is, frankly, racist and sexist and I also want to say that many of us that end up investing in homes in the black community often invest in homes to take care of their family.”

She added: “The way that I live my life is a direct support to black people, including my black family members, first and foremost.”

While many have criticized her for amassing such a level of wealth while claiming to be a “trained Marxist,” it’s worth noting that this is normal for hard leftist leaders. As I pointed out in a previous article:


One of the unspoken but often lived tenets of Marxism is that the ruling class lives in luxury while the peasant class is forced to do all the work. Marxist leadership always talks a good game about promoting equality, but it never takes too long to find out that “some animals are more equal than others.”

Of course, this isn’t to say that there isn’t truth to the NPR story she shared. The Daily Mail noted: “Experts say reasons for the lower homeownership rate ranges from historic underemployment and low wages to a recession-related foreclosure crisis that hit black communities particularly hard.”

However, it seems odd that a supposed champion for civil rights would make it a point not to live among the people for whom she claims to be fighting. Moreover, the fact that her organization has not been sharing the donations they have received with the individuals working to help the black community on the ground is also suspect. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough people on the left who seem interested in exploring this particular issue.



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