BREAKING: Study Exposes PolitiFact’s Frequent Makeout Sessions With Biden’s Buttocks

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A study released Wednesday revealed supposed non-partisan fact-checker PolitiFact is not a champion for truth but just another cog in the machine of the leftist propaganda ministry. Like the activist media, the website disguises itself as a check on the government, but in reality, it functions more as a tool of the Democratic Party.


A report from the Media Research Center (MRC) showed that PolitiFact approached the Biden administration in a much more lenient fashion than with former President Donald Trump. The MRC conducted an analysis of the website and its coverage of the first 100 days of each president and found a drastic – but not surprising – difference between the two.

“A new study by the Media Research Center finds that four years ago, PolitiFact offered 52 fact checks with a ‘Truth-O-Meter’ ruling of Donald Trump in his first 100 days (January 20 to April 30, 2017), while in the same period this year, PolitiFact offered just 13 fact checks of President Biden,” according to the MRC.

The report explained that PolitiFact created two different categories for its coverage of President Biden, including “Fact Checks of Biden” and “Fact Checks About Biden.” The site essentially created a brand spanking new category specifically designed to counter lies critical comments about the Biden administration.

The data reveals that PolitiFact has been far more concerned with repudiating arguments against the president than with keeping him honest. Perhaps this is why he has been able to get away with telling bald-faced lies about voting laws and the migrant crisis.

MRC’s report revealed that PolitiFact conducted “13 fact checks ‘of Biden,’ and 106 fact checks ‘about Biden.’” This represents an eight-to-one disparity.


PolitiFact was eight times more likely to conduct fact-checks designed to defend the Biden administration than to publish evaluations exposing untruths coming out of his White House.

The report also notes:

Many of the fact checks about Biden are about “Facebook Posts,” “Viral Images,” or “Tweets.” Those rulings often translate into content warnings. But there were two“Pants on Fire” rulings for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and one each for Fox News and for Tucker Carlson. Liz Cheney got the Flaming Pants for insisting that less than six percent of Biden’s infrastructure package is about infrastructure.

Another “water is wet” aspect of this story is that the vast majority of evaluations of criticism against the president were rated false. In fact, 91 of 106 evaluations were labeled “mostly false” or worse.

But that’s not even the worst of it.

MRC’s study also showed that PolitiFact published far more evaluations of President Trump than of Biden despite the latter having been evaluated since 2007.

From MRC:

Overall, Biden’s PolitiFact page shows he’s been put on the “Truth-O-Meter” 169 times in the website’s history beginning in 2007, and was found to be on the True/Mostly True side 67 times (almost 40 percent) and Mostly False or worse 78 times (46 percent). By contrast, Donald Trump has 931 of these fact-checks, and 692 of them Mostly False or worse (74.3 percent). Trump has 161 “Pants on Fire” ratings. Biden has six.


Of course, the left will tell you these results show that Trump is full of lies while Biden is the very embodiment of truth and honesty. They will also try to sell you prime beachfront property in Montana.

Don’t fall for it.

And don’t buy that property in Montana either.

This is yet another situation in which an organization that claims to uphold truth is revealed to be nothing more than a spin factory shilling for leftist politicians. These individuals have an agenda, and it has nothing to do with the truth or holding government officials accountable.

But what is noteworthy about this story is how brazen PolitiFact is with their bias. It’s like these people aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. The question is: How long will they get away with being such brazen liars?


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