Solomon Graham Talks Overlooked Issues With Immigration

Immigration is one of those issues that politicians love to talk about without having to actually implement solutions. Everyone seems to know that America’s immigration system is broken, but our leaders appear to only be concerned with how they can use the issue as a political weapon against their opponents.

This trend can be seen in how we discuss immigration, focusing primarily on illegal aliens attempting to cross the border. Currently, we are focused on President Joe Biden’s migrant crisis and how his administration is mishandling the situation.

But while the border crisis is a serious issue that deserves attention, other problems with the immigration system are going ignored.

When my friend, Solomon Graham, told me his story during our recent interview, I was flabbergasted. In our discussion, he talked about how he and his wife have been separated from their children despite his wife having immigrated to the United States legally from the Dominican Republican.

Two years ago, Graham, who is a veteran and small business owner, brought his then-fiance and their children to the U.S. Since they wanted their children to finish school in the Dominican Republic before coming to the United States permanently, they brought them back and filled out the paperwork to obtain permanent status for the kids. Two years later, their kids are still in their country of origin because U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has yet to process the paperwork despite its claim that it would finalize the process within five months.

Graham has tried on multiple occasions to find out the status of his request and has not received anything resembling a helpful answer. Meanwhile, he and his wife have been separated from their children, who are six, eight, 12, and 14 years old, for two whole years.

You can watch the video to get more of the details of this story, but it is worth noting that if Graham is dealing with this issue, there are likely plenty of other families experiencing the same problem. What is even more egregious is the fact that it would have been easier for his wife and kids to enter the country illegally because of how our system has handled this situation.

While we are working to decrease the number of people entering the U.S. in violation of immigration laws, our leaders should also be working to ensure that people who obey the law are not being punished for doing so.