Voting Rights Groups File Second Lawsuit Against Georgia’s Over Election Law and We Already Know What They Are Claiming

Voting Rights Groups File Second Lawsuit Against Georgia’s Over Election Law and We Already Know What They Are Claiming
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From the moment Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed a comprehensive elections bill into law, it was obvious the left would attack the legislation in the courts. Now, several so-called “voting rights” groups have filed a series of lawsuits against the measure, claiming it is an attempt to prevent black residents from voting.

The Hill reported that “The complaint alleges that the law is the culmination of a ‘concerted effort’ by Kemp and Republican state lawmakers in a ‘to suppress the participation of Black voters and other voters of color.’ It claims the restrictions are a GOP response to demographic changes that contributed to the state favoring Democratic candidates in recent elections.”

The law was passed amid a national debate over election integrity. Many believe that President Joe Biden’s victory was a result of voter fraud and the Republican leadership of Georgia’s state government has been under scrutiny for their handling of the election.

Since the law’s passage, it has garnered much criticism, especially from those on the hard left who using their typical “y’all are racist” tactic. Some have compared it to laws designed to prevent black Americans from voting under Jim Crow. Who could have ever seen this coming?

“Unable to stem the tide of these demographic changes or change the voting patterns of voters of color, these officials have resorted to attempting to suppress the vote of Black voters and other voters of color in order to maintain the tenuous hold that the Republican Party has in Georgia,” the lawsuit argues. “In other words, these officials are using racial discrimination as a means of achieving a partisan end.”

“The lawsuit was brought by Georgia NAACP, Galeo Latino Community Development Fund, the League of Women Voters of Georgia and others. It follows similar litigation filed last week by several voting rights groups with backing from Democratic lawyer Marc Elias,” according to The Hill.

It won’t be easy to prove that Georgia’s new voting laws are racist or that they disproportionately make it more difficult for black residents to vote. Democrats and the activist media have been singing this tune for years without providing much in the way of concrete evidence.

While some provisions in the bill might make it more difficult for people to vote i.e., closing ballot boxes at 5 pm, etc., they would also impact whites and Georgians of other races. There is no evidence that there is enough of a disparity to warrant allegations of racism.

Unless these groups manage to dredge up some evidence to which most of us are not privy, it does not seem that this case will go anywhere. Of course, this is likely what the Democrats are counting on. If the court decides in favor of the state, leftists will just claim the courts are racist. But at this point, will anyone buy what they’re selling?

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