Texas Democrat Rips Biden a New One Over Border Crisis

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President Joe Biden is so into open borders that even some Democrats are starting to criticize his handling of the immigration situation. Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) recently slammed the Biden administration for its frustrating lack of transparency regarding the migrant crisis created by his open borders promises made during the 2020 campaign.


During a Friday appearance on Fox News’ “America Reports,” Cuellar complained that the president has not been forthcoming about the details of the migrant crisis and the steps his administration is taking to address the matter. He indicated that he is getting more information about the situation than he is from the White House.

Host Sandra Smith asked the lawmaker about his previous comments to this effect: “You said you are getting more information on what is happening in these facilities — your picture provided — you’re getting more information from Mexico about what’s happening at our southern border than you are from the White House? Is that still the case?”

Cuellar replied, “It’s still the case. And remember, very straightforward, I’m a Democrat, the administration’s Democrat, and basically, I mean, that’s the truth. I mean, I got contacts in Mexico and in Central America. I know what messages are being heard over there, and there [are] two messages…that are being heard over there. So, yes, it’s messaging and getting information from my friends in Mexico.”

The situation has continually worsened, after the first group of migrants arrived at the southern border. Since Biden rolled back former President Donald Trump’s immigration measures, more and more migrants have been trying to gain access into the United States, and it does not appear that the flow of immigrants is slowing down anytime soon.


One of the more pressing matters is the issue of unaccompanied minors who travel by themselves to the border. In an interview with The Washington Examiner, Cuellar, whose district is located on the southern border, indicated that the government is not moving minor girls out of Border Patrol’s detention facilities at the usual pace.

“What’s happening at Donna Border Patrol facility is they’re moving boys out, but they’re not moving girls,” he said. “There are some girls there that have been there over 20 days, over 20 days, when they’re supposed to be there only 72 hours.”

According to the Christian Science Monitor:

Mexican officials have said that organized crime groups are taking advantage of President Biden’s more tolerant stance on immigration, developing “‘unprecedented’ levels of sophistication” to smuggle migrants into the U.S. and increasingly taking them on more dangerous routes. Some minors fall prey to child sex trafficking schemes. Drug trafficking also appears to be on the rise, with nearly twice as many pounds of drugs seized in February as the previous month. Not even halfway into this fiscal year, U.S. border authorities have already seized more fentanyl – a main driver of America’s opioid crisis – than in any of the three previous fiscal years.


As the situation becomes more dire, it seems more apparent that the Biden administration is not up to the task, which is likely why they have not bothered being transparent about the matter. Border Patrol officials are still barred from speaking with members of the press, as of this writing. At some point, this problem will become untenable ,and the White House will have to lay out a concrete plan for dealing with it. However, the president will have to choose between mollifying the hard-left, open borders crowd or catering to the moderate faction of the Democratic Party.

Neither situation will be easy for the Biden administration. But, as the saying goes, he made this bed — now he has to lie in it.


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