The Kerfuffle At The Capitol Did A Huge Favor For The Democrats And Establishment Republicans

The Kerfuffle At The Capitol Did A Huge Favor For The Democrats And Establishment Republicans
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Some of you are not going to like this one. But it needs to be said.

The Trump supporters who stormed the U.S. Capitol building and rioted have done a great deal of damage to Americans who want to see actual change in our government. But it definitely helped those who oppose them. They gave opponents of the non-establishment conservative movement more ammo to discredit them.

The only ones who reaped a benefit from Wednesday’s riots were the Democrats, their activist media allies, and the Republican establishment. The left was handed yet another political weapon to use against those actively pushing back against their Marxist agenda. Media activists will be referring to this incident for years in their attacks on us.

Now that the civil war between the non-establishment conservatives and establishment Republicans has begun, the Mitt Romney types will undoubtedly use the incident to smear those who supported Trump’s crusade against the squishy segment that controls the GOP. These supposed “leaders” have been yearning for the post-Trump era because they wish to bring the Republican Party back to business as usual when the Rick Wilsons and Michael Steeles held sway.

I’m sure you’re sick of constantly hearing Democratic politicians and media activists demonizing conservatives, aren’t you? If you’re like me, the last thing you want to see is the Republican establishment bring the party back to its pre-2017 days, right?

Whether you’re an avid Trump supporter or just someone who happens to agree with most of his policies, you can easily see that the violence that occurred on Wednesday could set us back if we let it. Fortunately, many right-leaning leaders are making it difficult for the Democrats to claim that the people involved in that fracas represent the rest of us. Unlike them, we are willing to actually condemn those on our side who engage in this type of wrongdoing.

Still, it is vital to make sure that we remain vigilant, especially when it comes to dealing with bad actors on our side. We can’t blame the violence on Antifa. We can’t blame it on Republican politicians. We can’t blame it on the media. The only people deserving of blame are the people who participated in the rioting.

Yes, some were aligned with Antifa, but it would be a lie to suggest that most of the individuals involved were not Trump supporters. Unfortunately, what these people did was not beneficial to President Trump at all. Not only did it hamper his efforts to ensure election integrity, it also gave his enemies yet another weapon to use against him.

Over the next two years, the battle will become more fierce. If we want to defeat those who want either a more Marxist nation or a return to establishment Republicanism, we must know how to render their tactics impotent.


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