Twitter Suspends Account of Conservative Russiagate Movie

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Tweetstapo’s Ministry Of Propaganda is at it again. This time, its operatives targeted a popular conservative movie detailing the Democratic Party’s effort to use false allegations of collusion to destroy President Donald Trump. 


The Washington Times reported that “Twitter blacklisted for a day an account for a popular conservative movie that tells the story of how the FBI, news media and Democrats tried to bring down President Trump on false Russia allegations.”

On Thursday, Twitter suspended the account for “The Plot Against The President” and refused to give a reason for the suspension. After a fierce backlash, the social media company reinstated the movie’s account. 

Amanda Milius, the producer of the film, told The Washington Times that she woke up on Thanksgiving to “10,000 text messages” telling her the account had been blacklisted. “I don’t recall doing any death tweets or doing anything that could have gotten us suspended,” she joked. “I can tell you we didn’t do anything that could be considered ban-worthy. What they sent me is so vague it could cover any tweet anybody does ever.”

The movie’s account was created in June and earned 30,000 followers. Now, it has only 95. The film was released in October. 

Twitter’s employees were willing to ban Milius’ film, but had no problem with people pirating clips of the film. The Times reported that “she says Twitter is illegally allowing theft of her intellectual property by not suspending a spoof ‘The Plot’ account that makes pirated clips available.”


Milius stated that the film is one of the most popular documentaries on Amazon Prime. It has over 13,000 reviews. 

Twitter’s censorship brigade has been working overtime over the past few months as they attempt to suppress conservative content. After doing their very best to ensure that Americans did not see The New York Post’s story on Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings, they have moved on to throttling conservatives’ allegations of voter fraud in the presidential election. Recently, the company began blocking links to the lawsuit that attorney Sidney Powell filed in Georgia, alleging a plot to move millions of votes from Trump to Biden. 

All indications suggest that Twitter isn’t going to ease up on its censorious efforts. But none of that is a surprise, is it? 

The Plot Against The President” is a documentary that captures the Democrats’ attempt to convince the nation that President Trump and his campaign colluded with the Russian government to influence the result of the 2016 election. The story is told by various conservative activists, pundits, and politicians. 

According to the Times:

“The principal storyline is how Rep. Devin Nunes, California Republican and then chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, launched an investigation in 2017 to answer two central questions: Who funded the Kremlin-sourced dossier created by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, and how did the FBI used its allegations to investigate President Trump and allies?”


After the movie’s account was suspended, the producers issued a joint statement slamming the social media company for its censorship. They wrote:

“Twitter suspended our account indefinitely for no reason. They have also suspended the accounts of several of our crew, many who don’t even tweet. What’s more, they have allowed an imposter account to remain active and they refuse to verify us. Twitter needs to tell us and the rest of America why they are censoring us. Our film is thoroughly researched; it is backed up by independent sources and congressional testimony. Is Twitter trying to silence us because they can’t stand that a documentary exposing Russiagate as a giant hoax is the number 1 documentary in America.”

Author Lee Smith, who wrote the book on which the documentary was based, told The Washington Times that Twitter’s censorship apparatus has a bias in favor of the Russiagate narrative. The Times noted that “in June, Twitter hired former FBI general counsel James Baker, who was a conduit for dossier material, as a deputy general counsel. A Twitter communications manager is a former press secretary for Sen. Kamala D. Harris, California Democrat and now presumptive vice president-elect.”

Smith argued that Twitter’s actions are “further evidence of their efforts to control information that shows one of their favored narratives, Trump is a Russian asset, to be false. … They’re scared of the movie, which is connecting with tons of people who didn’t know the truth of what happened.”


Smith is spot on. Like I wrote previously, social media companies like Facebook and Twitter don’t censor conservatives for misinformation or hate speech. They censor us because they are afraid of Americans being exposed to our arguments and ideas, and it is easier for them to suppress our voices instead of competing with our viewpoints. To put it simply, leftists are gonna leftist, right? 


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