Can A Republican Version Of The Squad Be Successful?

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It looks like a group of freshman congresswomen might be the answer to the Democratic Party’s “squad.” After massive gains in the House, the Republican Party might have the perfect way to push back against the ultra-progressive faction of Congress. 


Congresswoman-elect Maria Elvira Salazar (R-FL) has indicated that she is interested in forming a “freedom force” to stand up against the Democratic party’s squad, which includes Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Rashida Tlabi (D-MI), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA). 

“I was born in Miami — a community built by survivors my parents fled Castro’s socialist nightmare,” Salazar tweeted Friday. “[W]e can’t just let the socialist left destroy the American Dream for our children! join The Freedom Force & FIGHT BACK today!”

Her tweet linked to an article in which she made similar comments. She told NBC News: “I want to create a force within my freshman class that will have to be reckoned with. A force of reason, a force for freedom, a force for democracy.”

New York Republican congresswoman-elect Nicolle Malliotakis, expressed interest in the idea. Both Malliotakis and Salazar had parents who fled Cuba. “New York City needs a two-party system. We need someone who is going to be a counterbalance to AOC [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y.]” Malliotakis told the New York Post.

Victoria Spartz, who won her election in Indiana, is also another potential squad candidate. Like the other two, Spartz understands what it’s like to live under socialism. “I grew up in a socialistic country, the Socialist Republic of Ukraine. I saw what happens when it runs out of money and it is not pretty,” she told Fox News. 


Salazar has been an outspoken critic of the squad and their socialist policies. “When I hear this Democratic socialism that is being presented within the Democratic Party, I can only tell you that only brings misery, oppression and exile. And how do I know? Because I have lived it and I have covered it,” she reportedly said.

At least one member of the socialist squad has chimed in on the new Republican women entering Congress next year. Rep. Ilhan Omar said, “I mean it sounds ridiculous to me. I think they think they’re in high school. We’re in Congress.”

Omar’s pithy response might reveal a bit of fear on her part. While the establishment media won’t drool over a group of conservative women as they do the Marxist madams, it is clear that if such a group were to approach their positions in a certain way, they will undoubtedly shake things up in Congress.  

It will nice to have members of Congress who are gung-ho about pushing back against the far-left progressive elements in the Democratic Party, but it could be great. If they can position themselves as an effective counterpoint against AOC’s squad, they could accomplish so much more than most would expect.

But it is important to note that none of this will matter if the “freedom force” focuses only on opposing what the squad is doing. One of the mistakes that we make on the right is allowing ourselves to be known more for what we’re against than what we are for. If the GOP’s newest additions to Congress really want to make a splash, they will be as vociferous as the squad in promoting conservative ideas instead of relying solely on telling the nation why the socialist crowd is wrong. 


It won’t be enough to explain why the Green New Deal is foolish. They will need to provide a competing alternative that will solve the problems that the GND is supposedly intended to address. The key isn’t just slamming the horrific policies of the left, but to offer viable free-market alternatives that don’t grant the government more power. 

The Freedom Force just might become the Democrats’ worst nightmare if they play their cards right. Hopefully, they are up for the fight. 


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