Boston Globe Columnist Makes Vile Comparison About Trump Supporters

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As the presidential election draws nearer, rhetoric on both sides has become more heated. However, on the left, high-profile progressives are pushing the nastiness to their usual extremes. On Saturday, a Boston Globe columnist stated that President Trump’s supporters were like terrorists with the Islamic State (ISIS). 


Renée Graham, a columnist for the Globe, posted a picture on Twitter showing a caravan of vehicles adorned in pro-Trump paraphernalia. Next to that image, she posted a photo of a convoy of cars with individuals holding the ISIS flag. 

Her caption read, “See the difference? Me neither.” 

Fox News reported that one user disagreed, pointing out that “the group on the right would toss gays from the roof. That’s a pretty big difference.” 

Graham replied: “I almost admire your optimism.” 

Of course, there is a serious problem with Graham’s tweets. Last year, President Trump spearheaded an international push to decriminalize homosexuality in nations that still punish citizens for their sexual preference. 

NBC News reported in 2019 that this decision was made partly in response to Iran’s execution of a gay man. “Narrowly focused on criminalization, rather than broader LGBT issues like same-sex marriage, the campaign was conceived partly in response to the recently reported execution by hanging of a young gay man in Iran, the Trump administration’s top geopolitical foe,” the author wrote. 

But let’s face it, Graham knows good and well that Trump supporters and ISIS have absolutely nothing in common. Her tweet was nothing more than a lame attempt at propaganda designed to link supporters of the president to a radical Islamic terrorist group known for its brutality and penchant for carrying out vicious beheadings of men, women, and children. 


We do have to give her points for creativity, though. While her colleagues are content to stick with hackneyed Hitler and Nazi comparisons, Graham decided to step outside the box of stupid and into the world of brazen insanity by using a group like ISIS as a political weapon against those mean ol’ MAGA hat wearers. 

Regardless of the election’s outcomes, progressives will continue using this type of language to paint conservatives as evil degenerates. But if Biden wins, we can expect this rhetoric to become even worse as leftists grow even more emboldened. Graham’s tweet might seem like nothing more than mindless jibber-jabber from the far left, but in reality, it just might be a preview of what’s to come. 


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