Gov. Whitmer Completely Falls Apart When Asked About Hunter Biden Scandal

Democratic National Convention via AP


Members of Biden’s team are having a tough time dealing with the Hunter Biden scandal. On Sunday, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer struggled to address questions about the “laptop from hell” and the Biden family’s shady ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

In an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” host Chris Wallace confronted Whitmer, who serves as Biden’s national co-chair, on the subject of Hunter’s alleged foreign business dealings. 

“New information is coming out about the Biden family’s business dealings with China. Really, two questions,” Wallace began. “One, does Biden owe more of an explanation to the American people? And was it a mistake for the vice president to allow all of this to go on, some of it while he was vice president?”

The governor replied, “well, Chris, you just asked Ronna Romney if there was any – a scintilla of evidence that there was wrongdoing by Joe Biden, and she was able to produce none because none exists.” Then, she attempted to use the COVID-19 pandemic to deflect from Wallace’s line of questioning. “The fact of the matter is, right now, we need to be talking about what isn’t happening in this country, and that is we’re not combating COVID,” she explained. “We’ve got COVID numbers increasing all across the country.”

Unfortunately for Whitmer, Wallace persisted. “Governor respectfully, I do need to ask – Governor, I do need to ask you this though. There is evidence – maybe that Biden didn’t take money, but, clearly, his brother, his son, were involved in business dealings. There was talk about the Biden name,” Wallace pointed out. “One, wasn’t that inappropriate for that to be going on while he was vice president? Sure sounds like influence peddling. And doesn’t he owe a fuller accounting?”

“You know what, Chris? I think that Joe has sat for questions, he has answered these questions,” Whitmer answered. She then tried to distract from the Hunter Biden story by claiming that the story itself is a distraction. 

“The American people aren’t going to be distracted from the fact that this election is about the dinner table issues and the dinner table issue of 2020 is a Trump administration that has never been able to have a national strategy on COVID,” she said.

The laptop from hell story isn’t going away anytime soon, and Biden’s team knows it. For this reason, they are treating it the same way that the former vice president treated the court-packing issue: By avoiding the subject altogether. Of course, they know they can get away with this because the corporate media will not press them on it, nor will they conduct their own investigations into the matter. 

Members of the press have shown a remarkable lack of curiosity in the Biden family’s business dealings. Many even tried to help the former vice president convince the American public to believe that the story was nothing more than Russian disinformation. Even after the leaders of the FBI and National Intelligence confirmed that it was not a foreign propaganda campaign, they are still hoping to fool enough Americans into believing the opposite. 

Either way, this issue will disappear after November’s election regardless of who wins. Unless there is another bombshell related to the scandal that is preparing to be dropped, it is unlikely that this situation will change many votes. 


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