Gun-Toting St. Louis Couple Create Memorabilia Out Of Encounter With Black Lives Matter Activists

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It looks like Mark and Patricia McCloskey have found a rather creative way to make lemonade out of lemons after their standoff with Black Lives Matter activists in June. According to footage that was posted on Twitter, the couple appears to have made copies of the iconic photograph showing them standing outside their home brandishing their firearms. 


In the video, a person is shown yelling at the couple outside of a store. The individuals shouts “abolish the suburbs,” and “you are terrorists” at the McCloskeys as they walk to their car. As the screaming continues, Mark gets out of the vehicle and hands one of the individuals a card. 



The card also shows the photograph of the couple with their guns with the words, “The Mob” written on it. Another one shows them posing in front of their home while looking up at an American flag. The words “Still Standing” are printed at the bottom. 

The McCloskeys came under fire after they stood on their front lawn with their guns after Black Lives Matter broke into their private community to protests at the home of the St. Louis mayor. As they walked past, the couple held their guns and sporadically pointed the weapons at intruders. 

St. Louis circuit attorney Kim Gardner has charged the couple with felony weapons charges because of course she did. The McCloskeys’ attorney defended their actions, pointing out that they were exercising their 2nd Amendment rights and trying to protect themselves and their property. 


Of course, to anyone who isn’t a Democratic partisan hack, it’s obvious that Gardner is engaged in a political prosecution. If this had been people pointing guns at Trump supporters marching through the streets, not only would she not prosecute, she’d likely give them a medal. Hopefully, the jury will see through this brazen misuse of power if the case does go to trial. 


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