Roger Stone Voices Support For Austin Group Seeking To Recall Mayor Steve Adler

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Roger Stone exits federal court Washington, Friday, Nov. 15, 2019. Stone, longtime friend of President Donald Trump, has been found guilty at his trial in federal court in Washington. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)



The effort to remove Austin Mayor Steve Adler and the city council received an endorsement from an unlikely source. Take Back Austin, a local activist group seeking the recall of the mayor got an encouraging message from political operative and Trump ally Roger Stone.

In a post on Twitter, the organization posted a video of Stone supporting the group’s endeavor. “Now, Austin is one of my favorite cities,” he said. “No place on the face of the Earth has better food or better beer, but they need better leadership. So do not falter in your task. You must recall the mayor and the city council.”

Many of Austin’s residents have grown weary with various decisions made by the city’s government. From issues surrounding homelessness to problems with oversight and zoning, the people have gotten fed up.

The homeless issue, in particular, has angered many of the city’s residents due to the growing crime rate. Last year, the city council rescinded a measure prohibiting itinerant individuals from camping on public streets. An Austin resident previously told RedState that some homeless individuals spit in her car because she didn’t give them money. She also explained that “People are urinating, leaving feces, needles, trash, and they make it dangerous.”


Austin has seen a marked increase in the number of violent incidents perpetrated by the homeless. In fact, the number of violent crimes committed by transients increased by 10% last year. This is the most significant increase in five years, according to data from law enforcement. In the majority of these incidents, the victim was also homeless.

As most know, Austin is a blue city, and has been for years, but unfortunately, the city’s government is getting worse. They continue to fail when it comes to developing solutions for the homeless problem and even the coronavirus outbreak. A significant number of Austinites have castigated the mayor for his response to the crisis.

A few weeks ago, Adler canceled the South by Southwest festival amid fears of the virus. “Ultimately, the risk was just too great for public health and the community,” he said. But just the next day, he posted a video encouraging residents of Austin to go out to crowded restaurants and bars.

“Ultimately, the risk was just too great for public health and the community,” Austin, TX, Mayor Steve Adler (D) said Friday, announcing cancellation of the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival and declaring a health disaster over the coronavirus threat.


The next day, Adler posted a now-deleted tweet with a video in which he urged people to go out and socialize at restaurants. “Now is the time that we should be going to restaurants, going to clubs, buying musician’s merchandise – helping one another,” he explained.

Hopefully, the movement to recall Adler and the city council will gain more traction in 2020. Either way, residents of the city who are fed up with the government will get loud enough to affect real changes.


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