Lorena Gonzalez Implies Resistance to AB5 Is Motivated by Sexism and Racism Because of Course She Does

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Imagine being the type of person who destroys the livelihoods of tens of thousands of Americans and then implies that the backlash is motivated by racism and sexism. Apparently, California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez is that type of person. 


The law adversely affects contractors working with companies like Uber and Postmates, both of which have filed a lawsuit protesting the legislation. It has also put thousands of freelance writers out of work by mandating that these professionals are only allowed to write 35 articles per year before companies are forced to hire them as employees. 

Amid fierce criticism of AB5 — legislation that she authored and is currently championing — Gonzalez has been on the defensive, trying to quell the rage against her and her asinine law. In a recent tweet, she  responded to her detractors:

That’s right, folks. Those taking issue with unnecessary legislation that has already put thousands of Californians out of work are angry because of racism and sexism and stuff. It couldn’t possibly be any other reason, could it? My colleague, Jennifer Van Laar recently wrote a piece explaining that she will now have to live on both the west and east coasts because of the new legislation:


“I don’t want to get too personal and detailed, but essentially I cannot support my family as a California resident for the time being. For various reasons, creating a corporation in California is a non-starter for me, and the notion that a conservative writer – especially one whose work became extremely high profile in the area this year – could get a “normal” job writing anywhere in California is laughable.”

The notion that the resistance to Gonzalez and her destructive law is somehow motivated by bigotry is ludicrous on its face; real people are being hurt because of a progressive agenda being pursued by those who do not seem to care about those it affects. 

Despite taking effect today, the law has already reaped devastating consequences for professionals working as contractors. Companies have been forced to let go their California workers and hire in other states. Vox Media cut hundreds of freelance writers living in the Golden State or covering its sports teams. The damage will likely get worse as long as this law is allowed to remain. 


Fortunately, AB5 is not going unchallenged. As I stated earlier, both Uber and Postmates are filing a lawsuit challenging the law. Organizations representing freelance writers and journalists have also filed suit. Perhaps the battle over the law will expose a concrete example of how progressive policies cause far more harm than good. Who knows? Maybe my fellow Californians will finally come around and stop electing officials who clearly do not have their best interests at heart. 


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