Trump Speaks With Alan Dershowitz During Christmas Dinner Amid Rumors He Could Join President's Legal Team



President Donald Trump may soon have a notable addition to his impeachment defense team. The Daily Mail reported that the president had a conversation with well-known defense attorney and legal scholar Alan Dershowitz during his family Christmas Eve dinner at Mar-A-Lago. 


Dershowitz gave The Daily Mail a statement on his interaction with Trump:“I was a guest of friends of mine. Not part of the Trump Christmas party. The president came over to say hello to me and my wife. We wished each other happy holidays.” 

Dershowitz, despite being a Democrat who voted for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, has become a vocal critic of the left’s attempts to oust the president. During the Russia investigation, he became a key fixture on various media channels excoriating the Democrats’ attempt to convince the public that the president had collaborated with the Kremlin to swing the results of the presidential election. 

More recently, Dershowitz has been an ardent critic of the Democrats’ partisan efforts to impeach and remove Trump from office. In an appearance with Sean Hannity on Fox News, he slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to transmit the articles of impeachment to the Senate. 

“This is an abuse of power, exactly the same charge they made against the president. It’s wrong constitutionally. It’s wrong morally and it’s wrong politically,” he said. “The real victims here are the American people and the Constitution. The Constitution has been damaged by this ploy being used by Nancy Pelosi who I have long admired. But this is a very bad time for the United States Constitution.” 

Speculation over Dershowitz joining the president’s legal team began when plans to bring in former Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) collapsed. The New York Times reported that people familiar with the matter said that Trump’s lawyers had been in talks with the attorney. But as of now, they have not yet made a formal offer. 


At least one of the president’s allies believes that Dershowitz would be a welcome addition to his defense team. Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), one of Trump’s staunchest supporters, supported the idea of Dershowitz joining the team. “I have advocated that there needs to be one other attorney that’s added to the mix for the president, and that is Alan Dershowitz,” he said on a recent House Freedom Caucus podcast. “I think he’d be great to come in. Get Alan Dershowitz in to be part of that defense team.”

The president could have a formidable ally in Dershowitz if he managed to get him on board. The attorney is one of the foremost authorities on constitutional law, and the fact that the Democrats’ impeachment effort is based on a rather flimsy case, it could represent yet another indication that their endeavor is doomed to fail. 


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