Missouri Is The Concord Bridge For Obamacare Repeal

On August 3, 2010, the Missouri electorate will vote on Proposition C, the Missouri Health Care Freedom Act (MHCFA).  Have no doubt – this is the first shot fired against the power grab known as Obamacare.  If successful, if we beat back this overreach of federal power in Missouri, other states will move forward.  Should we fail – especially with low voter turnout, the media,the Obama administration and Congressional Democrats will gain a second wind.  I can think of few things more disastrous leading into November than giving the Democrats hope.


Josie Wales, a lawyer from Missouri writing at Big Government, calls August 3 “the most important day in America“.” Missouri will be the first state to allow the public at large to voice its opinion on Obamacare.  Most of us know that the majority of Americans view Obamacare with disgust; disgust at the process by which it was passed and disgust by the burden it will impose.  We’ve been forced to speak through rallies and a diminished Republican party, until now.  Now there is an opportunity for the average voter to act upon that disgust.

Why should you care?  What does a Missouri proposition have to do with the other 49 states?  MHCFA represents the first battle in the war against the bureaucratic, tax-happy nightmare that has saddled Americans over the last century.  Just as the Supreme Court gun cases are changing the debate on the Second Amendment back to gun ownershig being a fundamental right, states signalling their refusal to go along with individual and employer mandates will alter the debate on the proper role of the federal government.  At issue is a single idea – can the government compel you to purchase a product they design simply because you’re a US citizen?

MHCFA is a call to arms for all freedom loving Americans, but even in our state there is complacency.  Polling looks good, so the Republican establishment is taking it easy.  They’re crossing their fingers and hoping no last minute barrage of ads derails the proposition, as has been done every time the Left wants something.  From direct mail to phone banks to television ads by outside groups, the Left will carpetbomb Missouri in the week before the vote, and conservatives will have no time to react.


So we need your help.   Not with money.  Not with volunteers.  Though both would be nice, what we really need is the collective voice of conservative America.

Support MHCFA.

Supporting MHCFA is as simple as linking to the effort on the internets, posting an article about the effort on your blog, leaving a comment about the effort on a website, and mentioning the effort in any other social medium: Twitter, Facebook, church, work, bars, sporting events, airplanes, bank lines, family dinners….

We need national recognition.  Recognition of the effort in Missouri will lend to its success.  If we succeed by large margins in Missouri, you can be sure that success will follow in other states across this great nation.

Don’t get me wrong.  We’re not sitting idle.  Tea Party groups, conservative candidates, and conservative bloggers are out writing and knocking on doors and calling our connections to generate press.  But we need the folks at Red State to help.
Please support the MHCFA in whatever method you choose, and visit the website:


If you’re writing about healthcare, link to something on Missouri.  If you’re reading about Healthcare in Missouri, link to that story, and leave a comment.  If you’re writing about The Healthcare Freedom Act, please send a note to Benjamin at [email protected] and he will link back. If you’re writing about a healthcare lawsuit in your own state, send him a note and we’ll tie it back into the larger fight.


We need noise on the issue more than anything else.  Anyone care to raise their voice?


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