President Trump Is Back Stateside and the Panicked Tweets Are Flying

When he was overseas, Donald Trump didn’t have access to Twitter, and it must have killed him because as of this morning, Trump is back at it. The tweets are as frantic and panicked as ever.


Check them out:

It is a direct appeal to his base supporters who will go all in and believe him. This morning, somebody tweeted at me they wouldn’t bother to read a story simply because it appeared in The Washington Post.

Trump’s accusation is absurd.

Don’t get me wrong; enough evidence exists of journalists making up sources, even entire stories. Stephen Glass’s fabrications at The New Republic come to mind.

That said, Trump is not playing the skeptic, here. What he’s doing is a classic attempt at misdirection. The stories about Jared Kushner no doubt have the President spooked and thus his little rant this morning.

Again, Trump is playing to his base. It’s what’s keeping him from going below 38 percent in his job approval ratings.

I suspect we will see more of this in the next several days.


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