Ted Cruz Goes the Safe (Weasel) Route on Comey Firing

There are times when members of Congress are called upon to show they’re the leaders they claim to be. Especially when those members of Congress previously ran for President to be the leader of the free world.


Unfortunately, in many instances, the same politicians are content to retreat into safety, not daring to stick their necks out when the moment calls for it. Donald Trump’s firing of James Comey stinks on the surface level, regardless of whether or not he had the authority to do it.

The timing is terrible, and Trump’s reason for doing so stands in contrast to what he said about Comey in the past, praising him for his actions as it related to the investigation of Hillary Clinton. So when Senator Ted Cruz can stand up and make a statement, it’s disappointing to see him go soft. Here is Cruz’s official statement on Comey:

The text reads:

The Director of the FBI needs to be above reproach, with an unquestioned reputation for fairness and impartiality. Unfortunately, Mr. Comey had lost the confidence of both Republicans and Democrats, and, frankly, the American people. The next Director needs to be someone of the utmost integrity who can successfully restore the public’s confidence and lead the men and women of the FBI who selflessly serve and defend our great nation.


Way to toss it off on the “public,” Senator.

If this is how Ted Cruz felt about James Comey, why didn’t he speak up sooner? This statement is weak. It’s go-along time for Cruz at this point. It’s certainly not the statement of a leader.


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