Donald Trump Can't Complain About the 100 Day Standard Because He Set It

Saturday, April 29th will mark the 100th day of the Donald Trump presidency. I will be blunt and say that outside of the nomination of Neil Gorsuch; it’s been pretty much a disaster. Signing a slew of executive orders is meaningless. Executive orders are only good until a President of the opposing party takes office and reverses them. Trump’s promise to repeal and replace Obamacare failed miserably, thanks in large part to Trump’s short-sighted promise that coverage extends to “everybody” in his replacement and it didn’t happen. Remember the border wall and how Mexico was going to pay? Trump recently threatened a government shutdown if Democrats didn’t acquiesce to his demands for funding – i.e., taxpayer dollars.

Trump recently pooh-poohed the 100-day standard as did some in the media. Usually, I would agree, but in this case, it was Donald Trump who set lofty goals for his presidency and what he promised to do in the first 100 days of his administration.

Trump’s ‘Contract With The American People’ lists a slew of policy proposals and ideas he promises to “fight” for in the first 100 days of his administration. He’s kept some of the promises. Others went the way of the do-do bird because of the realities of the office.

People will point to the recent poll showing Trump retains much of his base support (96%) and that is not surprising. Nobody will disavow their vote 100 days into a new presidency. The question is whether or not he can keep that support over the next 18 months. His base of support is strong, but he does not impress the rest of the country, hence the abysmal job approval numbers. It’s too soon to tell what will happen with congressional races but Trump’s performance thus far does not reflect well on the GOP as a whole.

He is the leader of the party whether people like it or not and as it stands, the GOP’s standing among the general public is low. The only solace they can take is a bunch of buffoons run the Democratic Party, and they’re making it more difficult for themselves to regain control of Congress in 2018.

That said, Trump has no room to complain about the criticisms of his first 100 days. He made the promises and people will measure him by that.


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