Stop Crediting Trump For Good Economic News Where He Had No Role

My fellow conservatives and Republicans flummox me at times. For eight years, Republicans said Barack Obama deserved zero credit for any good economic news released or said, “That’s not sufficient.” In large measure, they were right. Ask an Obama supporter to specify the policies Obama put in place to spur economic growth, and they’ll look at you like you have horns growing out of your head.


“You expect me to answer that! Are you some fool? Barack Obama did it. That’s all I have to say!”

It is true that a cyclical economy, as well as booming energy and technology, did more to spur the meager growth we did have during Obama’s tenure. But now the same Republicans who lambasted Obama for taking credit for good jobs reports are attempting to credit Donald Trump for economic numbers completely out of his control.

Neither Trump nor his supporters can have it both ways. Trump can’t say he “inherited a mess” and then brag about the February jobs report. He was President for all of 11 days on February first. Trump’s “policies” have amounted to nothing but executive orders, none of which could have possibly aided job growth for the month.

Donald Trump himself, never put much faith in the jobs report. Here he is in November of 2016:


It doesn’t take being a professional economist to know that jobs reports are a lagging indicator of economic growth. Let us see what the jobs reports are saying in July and August before start doing celebratory backflips, ok?



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